Designed by Daniel Liebermann and built out of old-growth redwood, glass and brick back in 1962, the Mid-Century Modern Mill Valley home at 861 Lovell Avenue, which was listed for $2.795 million, has sold for $2.8 million.

The main two-bedroom home sits on a 1.25-acre wooded lot, with a one-bedroom guest house bringing the total square footage of living space to 3,046 square feet (and roughly $940 per square foot).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by DCR

    Love it!

  2. Posted by Harambe

    What a house! Pretty monotone, but pretty nonetheless.

  3. Posted by Serge

    Now THIS is a MCM house I can appreciate.

  4. Posted by Frank C.

    A total steal at $2.8m when I see the mostly completely characterless homes costing $3 to 5m elsewhere in the region.

  5. Posted by shza

    Gorgeous, but isn’t that brickwork a seismic disaster waiting to happen? Some of it looks structural.

    • Posted by SFMichael

      Mill Valley is pretty stable. I grew up there and only even felt one earthquake by the time I was 18.

    • Posted by Notcom

      That was my thought: even if it was up to 1962 standards – indeed it very well may have been in excess of them – I would wonder if it’s up to current – or future – ones. Of course you can’t tell much from a picture: it could be cladding over steel trusses.

      As for Mill Valley being “stable,” you do realize this was right over the hill…right?

    • Posted by Orland

      The disaster I have long expected to happen in Mill Valley is an urban/wildlands fire of terrifying proportions. This place’s setting epitomizes why.

    • Posted by BobN

      The arches don’t seem to line up with the beams above them. The house looks to be held up by a column (inside the brickwork) with radiating wooden beams extending outwards in all directions. Mind you, I wouldn’t want to be standing under or next to the brick in a big quake.

  6. Posted by Patrick

    Looks like a hotel lobby.

    • Posted by chuco35

      At least as cold as a hotel lobby.

      • Posted by Frank C.

        To me, it is extremely warm, all these natural materials and colors. Different strokes!

  7. Posted by sam

    This what having money is about

  8. Posted by Dave

    A little over an acre of land – check.

    Trees reaching to the sky – check.

    Lush landscaping with plenty of shrubs – check.

    On the side of a hill – check.

    Views – check.

    Earthy, warm home with lots of wood and brick – check.

    All in the middle of a fairly large metro area – check.

    2.8 million price tag – can’t check that one, if only.

  9. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Must be a great place to sit and watch a winter storm, with all that glass … though I wonder if the glass, brick and tile make the home cold (physically as well as psychologically). And how might one update that kitchen, while respectfully preserving the overall character?

  10. Posted by Keepitup

    Simply Beautiful.

  11. Posted by katdip

    Can’t tell from the pictures – is there just a glass wall between the bedroom and living room? Not much privacy there. Though I’m not a huge fan of MCM, I like how this house is consistent to the style throughout, and all the warm wood and brick are more inviting than the recent spate of cold white modernist boxes. But I hope all those windows are triple paned or it is probably quite chilly in there on cloudy/rainy days.

    • Posted by shza

      I’m willing to bet all of those windows are single-paned, given the age and the unlikelihood that anyone ever replaced all of them (for $100s of thousands).

    • Posted by Salzigtal

      It looks like a folding door stacked up next to the arch, also looks propped up on a block of wood.

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