Billed as a “rare redevelopment opportunity in one of the most desirable areas…of San Francisco,” the 16,500 square foot building at 150 Valencia Street, which is currently home to STUFF, a collective of over 60 vintage-modern dealers, is now on the market for $6.1 million (which doesn’t include the adjacent parking lot).

Three doors down from another contentious Valencia Street development which Zeitgeist is challenging, the two-story warehouse sits on a parcel which is zoned for development up to 50 feet in height and retail, restaurant and residential uses.

STUFF’s lease of 150 Valencia is slated to expire in two years.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Neighborhood Activist

    Is the parking lot owned by a different party? Seems like the obvious play here would be to buy both parcels and build a larger project.

    I feel for those buildings pictured behind the subject lots, those nice, sunny, south-facing windows will look onto s small rear yard and 50 feet of building. But that’s life in the big city.

    • Posted by Alphir

      Yeah but at least they may block the ugly view and sound of the freeway exit that’s right above the photographer in this photo. I used to live in one of those sunny buildings and got super sick of that freeway.

    • Posted by formerly%whatever

      East-facing, not south

      • Posted by Neighborhood Activist

        Ah, you’re right. I was virtually turned 90º!

        And yeah, the new building needs to have some really thick windows. The vacant lot would be even worse if built upon.

  2. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    It is a real stretch to call it “one of the most desirable areas”. More like a neglected area under the shadow of freeway.

    • Posted by Mark

      Yet with the right marketing spin people will flock to live there.

    • Posted by Frisco

      It’s in between the boring part of Valencia and the boring part of Hayes Valley. So, desireable-adjacent.

  3. Posted by Torrey

    The building next door, the Baha’i Temple, and stunning example of Art Deco, is also for sale. There’s a lot of action happening on that little block!

    [Editor’s Note: As we first reported last year, Exceptional Art Deco Temple on the Market in the Mission.]

  4. Posted by jonny

    shocked Cherin’s Appliances hasn’t sold out and moved to Bayview or something. They have practically half a block in a much better part of Valencia.

    • Posted by Invented

      I just hope they don’t wrap up their business if they do sell. I use them for my properties and they understand service, quality, and client relations. Wait I think I went off topic.

  5. Posted by scott f

    This tests my dedication to the Yimby cause, because I like STUFF. Hope they find a replacement space in the neighborhood if indeed forced to move. Maybe Potrero Ave has a suitable warehouse, or one of the many auto shops in the area could be repurposed.

    • Posted by tyler

      most of them HAVE been replaced though… not all that much left. but I like this project and appreciate that they are trying to keep the facade of the existing building. that’s rare.

      • Posted by scott f

        What project? That’s a photograph, not a rendering. The building is being put up for sale and there’s no redevelopment proposal yet.

  6. Posted by L B

    There Is A River Running Under That Property. That Will Affect How High A New Building Can Go.

  7. Posted by anonalso

    Oh that sucks. I love Stuff! Have you been inside? Fantastic, often changing collection, and I like the internal steel frame on the second floor. There are plenty of burned out old buildings on Mission st (like 2205), why don’t they develop there? SMH.

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