The Oakland Raiders have submitted their formal application to move the franchise to Las Vegas, filing the paperwork a month before it was due.

The league’s 32 owners are expected to vote on the proposed move in March, with a supermajority of 24 needed to approve the team’s relocation.

If approved, the Raiders could open the 2020 season in Las Vegas. And in terms of financing for the proposed $1.9 stadium, Goldman Sachs has expressed interest in funding the gap if Sheldon Adelson won’t commit.

83 thoughts on “Raiders Formally File to Leave Oakland Behind”
  1. What’s the status of the deal being offered by Oakland? Didn’t Libby Schaaf end up caving and offering public funds after all?

        1. not sure that is quite right. A’s want to move to San Jose and San Jose wants the A’s but San Jose lost an antitrust lawsuit against MLB who will not approve this.

          A’s wanted to move to the South Bay so badly they tried to build a strip mall stadium in Fremont which is still Alameda Country

          1. The Giants were assigned territorial rights to to Santa Clara Cty (and a number of others along the coast); the A’s were assigned Alameda and CoCo. It prohibits a another team from locating into the territory(ies). MLB could revoke the territory, and the Giant’s could threaten to sue -even though MLB rules prohibit such – but it never was formally resolved (whether/not they could move there).

            For now, at least, the A’s are focusing on Oakland.

          2. +1 I believe you are more correct than Notcom. Believe us, Notcom, if the As could move to San Ho, they would have by now….. they haven’t because they can’t

          3. I didn’t say they could; I said it was never officially tested – i.e. the A’s never formally petitioned to move there.

          4. The A’s understand that Oakland is now one of the top ten American cities with a growing, creative and dynamic population. The A’s are now completely focused on Oakland.

          5. i dont think oakland would rank in the top 25 cities in the US in terms of desireability. What are you talking about? it may not even make the top 10 in california

          6. This is his shtick. Oakland is the most awesome place in the world, but somehow he’s the only one who can see it. Your call if he’s the Emperor’s tailor or his most loyal servant.

          7. I see it because I know it in its entirety. You trash it out of ignorance or provincial resentment. No question that when you consider weather, topography, walkability, parkland, transportation, restaurants, arts, theaters, religious architecture, historic architecture, neighborhood shopping districts, views, etc. Oakland is in the top ten cities in the United States. Oakland is far better than any city in Texas or anywhere in the souhhwest, Midwest, on climate, topography, walkability, bike ability, restaurants, transportation, parkland, etc. There are rankings for all of these categories and Oakland ranks very high on all of them.

          8. Oakland has potential and some parts can be nice. The weather is the best in the bay area, at least, the mildest if you like mild.

            The dumb kids zooming around on motorcycles, the sideshows, the trash dumped on streets as if it’s the normal way to do things, the highest murder and violent crime rate in a 500 mile radius (1000?), the sh*tty public schools and backwards, half corrupt half incompetent city government, the legions of idle poor and section 8 entitled roaming about jobless day after week after decade, often up to not much good — and above all the attitude that all of this should be overlooked because it’s such special downhome humble blue collar “Town” — forget it. Oakland has many miles and many years yet to walk before it may finally shed its deserved rep as SF’s Hoboken, SF’s Bronx, SF’s Queens.

            Lived here in Oakland several years now, have seen enough of The Game to know what it is and why it’s totally empty. I’m a proud transplant and no F___ are given about locals who have grown accustomed to the learned helplessness that passes for civic pride in this place. Viva los bachelors degrees.

          9. Unfortunately, every city has forgotten and neglected neighborhoods. Do people reduce San Frsncisco to the Tenderloin, 6th Street, Visitation Valley, Bayview, etc, where people have sideshows and there is litter, graffiti, and illegal dumping on the streets? San Francisco had potential and some nice areas. I like San Francisco.

    1. SJ has the 49’ers so no apology necessary. Santa Clara really screwed itself. Oakland will now end up with a nice baseball park and a buildable parcel to sell for a pretty penney.

  2. Great idea. Let’s keep pushing businesses and people into the desert and see what happens. Has anyone seen Lake Mead lately?

    1. True, but a Tesla competitor is apparently going to build in the LV area. And in the desert east of Reno Tesla is bringing in thousands of workers to its giga factory.

      1. From a business perspective have to defend Tesla’s giga factory location at it made great sense. They needed a lot of space for a huge facility, build out the space cheaply and at same time the logistic ability via I80 & UP railroad to feed those batteries to its growing Fremont auto plant. The added plus of being able to build its own power plant via a solar farm in a bright shiny dry location. None of that was happening in California and the plus side it will help keep & expand Tesla jobs in Fremont.
        Just so happens that NV bought into the huge subsidies Tesla asked for just as they did for the Raiders. NV residents are the ones who should be asking themselves if their statehouse really delivered with the Raiders stadium or simply means a few less dollars for services.

        1. There has been talk of, rather than ship the batteries to Fremont, maybe start building the cars close by in the Reno area. The Fremont assembly site is not guaranteed to stay – in the long term anyway.

  3. I think Oakland should say good riddance as football is not a net positive for a city and the Raiders have screwed them over the years.

    I hope they can get it together to hang onto the A’s as baseball is perfect for downtown adjacent areas

  4. oakland hasnt been a great place for sports franchises and the vegas market is much bigger. It will also capture more the old LA Raiders fans as well. Oakland should be focusing all it public funds on its violent crime issues

      1. The Raiders have a lot of fans in the Central Valley – I’m sure they will follow them in Las Vegas, just have to travel in the opposite direction, and Raider Fans aren’t scared of a bit of crime – obviously.

        The Las Vegas market isn’t big for a pro sports team, but many Californians like to go to Vegas anyway and now they will just have one more reason.

        1. You can’t sustain a team relying on fans living in cities hundreds of miles away. Most of the fans there will be for the visiting teams. Davis will have no home field advantage. I’m hoping Oakland fans regain some of their dignity and self-respect and just boycott the ugly NFL.

          1. As you said earlier, an NFL team only have 8 home games in the regular season. Boxing and UFC has done well in Vegas for years due to travelling fans.
            Ugly or not, the NFL is still the largest pro-sport in the US measured by revenue.

        1. Why are you going back to 2014 when I just posted the homicide figures for 2016? Oakland population 415,000, 85 homicides in 2016. Las Vegas Population 600,000, 166 homicides in 2016.

          1. Because your figures compare apples and oranges, and because murder rate stats are hard to find for 2016, since the FBI won’t release official stats until late September. Oakland ranks consistently in or near the top 10 most dangerous cities in America, while Las Vegas has never been on one of those lists.

          2. I’m comparing homicide rates. That’s oranges to oranges. Also, homicide figures are already out for 2016 as we can see by the articles I posted or by going to OPD crime stats page or to LVPD crime stats page.

          3. If the homicide figure you posted is for LVMPD, then it is for all of Clark County – 2 million people… Or do you have a source for the number of homicides in the city of Las Vegas Only?

      2. per capita murder rate higher in oakland, and general violent crime rate much higher. and the market is much bigger in vegas. WTF are you talking about?

        1. No, Las Vegas has a higher per capita homicide rate than Oakland for 2016. That’s a fact. Oakland is in the 6th biggest market in the country while Las Vegas is 31st.

          1. Quick question, in what city is the Las Vegas Strip located? See Anon123 post above for the reason for the question. Yes you’re doing apples to oranges

          2. The strip is in the unincorporated areas of Paradise and Winchester. It’s just south of Las Vegas proper. What’s your point? The stats for the City of Las Vegas would be even higher if crime on the strip were included in the City of Las Vegas homicide numbers.

          3. 165 homicides in LVMPD which is all of Clark County – more than 3 time the population of Oakland. Yes, Las Vegas has a growing crime problem that they are trying to get a handle on, but it is still far less than Oakland.

          4. No, those are for the city of Las Vegas with a few highlighted homicides for seperate and named jurisdictions. Look more carefully.

          5. You are right, the stats are for Clark County with a huge percentage of the homicides occurring in the City of Las Vegas which has a population of 620,000 residents. The NYT referred to “the city” in the article. Obviously, the stats are commingled as is the terminology in the reporting of jurisdictions in the articles.

      1. I agree. I can see how 81 home dates for the A’s could further energize Jack London Square, Old Oakland and even Uptown with a new waterfront ballpark. The 12th Street and Lake Merritt BART stations would be accessible to Howard Terminal (3/4 of a mile from 12th Street/City Center) or Lake Merritt BART, less than a 1/4 of a mile to an Estuary Park/Victory Court ballpark.

    1. Oakland hasn’t ben a great place for sports franchises? The Raiders sold out for 14 consecutive years before heading for LA. The team also has a recent sell out streak going. You can also ask the Warriors how many consecutive sell outs they’ve had in the city of Oakland. Or should I say the City of Oracle as the Warrior shill broadcasters like to say when broadcasting “from here at Oracle” or “Welcome back to Oracle.” Perhaps Libby Shaff can change Oakland’s name to either the “City of Golden State,” or maybe to the “City of Oracle.”

  5. The NFL is a dying and boring league that brings nothing to their cities. Oakland will be far better off with[out] the NFL and 8 home games. Oakland needs to build a new ballpark at either Howard Terminal or at Estuary Park on the Oakland waterfront.

    The City of Oakland should kick both the Raiders and Warriors out of our city immediately. Why allow yourself to be further used by these leagues, Oakland should set an example for the nation and tell these extortionists and users to go take a hike to Vegas and to Daly City.

    1. To me the Warriors thing is just a tough break but agree Oakland does not need the NFL or Raiders

      waterfront baseball in Oakland would be great.

      1. I agree. A beautiful ballpark at Jack London Square on a beautiful summer day. When both team are home you could take the ferry to both games. That would be great for Oakland. I would also love to see a soccer team representing Oakland.

    1. Further growth for burgeoning Oakland International Airport. This will generate more tax money for Oakland than having Mark Davis sucking money out of the city at the Coliseum.

    2. or not, you can’t bring all your bbq tailgate gear on a plane. I suspect the black hole will simply dissipate, I just don’t see las vegans adopting that…

      1. I think the Raiders will eventually go extinct in this transient city in the desert. Bad move by the NFL but good for Oakland.

  6. Probably best not to throw stones at LV or Nevada. Fortune said of Nevada recently:

    “Nevada, known mostly for gambling, turns out to have a unique set of characteristics like a low cost of doing business, large incentives, an ability to move quickly, and ample clean energy resources that make it attractive to companies developing innovative energy technologies. It’s slowly become a hub for manufacturing for energy storage, clean energy and greener transportation that could one day be as important as Silicon Valley is to Internet and software startups.”

    I’m more familiar with Reno than LV, but 50K new tech jobs are anticipated over the next 5 plus years and that would require 35K new housing units. Reno is woefully behind in housing development. It could be a hot market for investors.

    1. California will always be the driving economy in the United States. No one else is even close. The United States would stagnate without California. Nevada is just shooting itself in the foot and throwing taxpayer money away with this Raider deal. These cities never learn. Take a look at the disaster in Santa Clara.

      1. I definitely oppose taxpayer funding of sports stadiums. The “boom” in energy tech round Reno is coming in large part from not having a state income tax and other state taxes. It’s one reason many large warehouses have left California for Nevada.

        Of course Nevada will not supplant California but, IMO, its in for its own kind of boom. Regardless of if the Raiders move to LV or not.

      1. Actually, two teams are named for San Francisco and a third, the Warriors will be added to that mix in a couple of years as you are painfully aware…

        1. You mean the team 45 miles away in Santa Clara? You want credit for that disaster? That’s a Santa Clara team. The name is fraudulent.

          1. I guess it is fraudulent for the NY Jets/Giants to play in NJ, Cowboys in Arlington and various other teams that play in the suburbs but kept their City name. Too bad the Raiders won’t keep their Oakland name when they move to Vegas.

      2. Ah, did you not see the ground breaking for the new Warriors Arena in SF. Yes, one for now, but in two years Two Professional teams.

  7. Raiders move, just like Rams move shows squarely that NFL and the respective owners care about it most. No slight on Oakland or LV. NFL was going to get a team back to LA and Stan K/Rams won that game. Raiders see an opportunity to get out from under 49ers market (NFL gets a new market without giving up one) & yet within reach of existing fan base while securing their own market. NV/Las Vegas is willing to pay and you will see the result.

    The comment I appreciate the most is no use in throwing stones back and forth. I have no doubt that if LV falls through that the Davis & League will turn around to go fishing in TX/San Antonio.

    In the meantime, I don’t believe NFL will be able to expand its market that has peaked in my mind until an expansion team lands in Mexico City. You will have an opposite expansion team.. At that point NFL will gladly shop Oakland/St. Louis and San Antonio for some more money to sustain its business model of rich guys enjoying the spoils of TV dollars by playing in assets paid for in big part by taxpayers. Its a great gig as long as NFL has a TV audience & big enough market to make sure the stadiums are not ghost towns on game day.

    1. Meant to state that Davis/Raiders and NFL care most about is the almighty dollar & teams perceived value to the capital markets.

    2. The NFL is not going to “shop” Oakland. Oak will de done dealing with the NFL. The NFL can kiss the geographical center of the Bay Area goodbye for ever.

  8. Now Oakland can finally concentrate on retaining baseball. A waterfront ballpark would be most excellent and that should be the main focus/priority now. 81 MLB home games vs. only 8 for the NFL is no contest. Any child can point out which scenario is more important for a city.

    1. i would actually go to an As game on the water. You could take a ferry from SF without actually having to go through or step foot in other parts of oakland.

  9. Goodbye, don’t let the door hit you and all that and so forth. Biggest development opportunity for Oakland in decades.

  10. A lot of… er… highly sophisticated gentlemen… are now going to have to redecorate their trucks.

  11. Hats off to Steven Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, for being the only No vote. He thinks teams should be loyal to their communities, and should build their own damn stadiums. What a weird guy.

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