Plans to add six new stories atop the skinny two-story building at 1236 Market Street, adjacent to Sam’s Diner at 1220 Market, have been drawn and submitted to the City for review.

The proposed project and existing building on the site extend to 37 Grove Street, which was formerly home to Fitness Evolution.

If approved and permitted, the development would become a single 105-room hotel, the rough plans for which have been drafted by the Case Design Group.

That being said, while the existing building on the site has been architecturally compromised since being built in 1924, it has been deemed an “altered contributor” to the Civic Center Historic District, a designation which could alter the proposed project’s approach and/or design, especially on Grove.

Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Alai

    Seems like an awful lot of Windows that might be built over in the future. How is that addressed?

    • Posted by SocketSite

      Note that the windows facing the parking lot are setback with a (future) lightwell, as are the windows on the other side of the building.

      • Posted by Alai

        Ok. They seemed so shallow that you’d be looking into another room ten feet away… But I guess the city can use cheap hotel rooms too!

        • Posted by Anon123

          Lots of hotel rooms like that in various cities – hard to tell when you book on Expedia and the like (Hint: it’s the room that does not have ocean view)

          • Posted by BTinSF

            It’s also the room you get on “Expendia and the like”. Want a room not on the light well but with an actual view (if only of the street)? Use the hotel’s own web site or, better yet, phone them to book.

  2. Posted by ben z

    i once watched a homeless man have sex with a prostitute on top of that wells fargo ATM machine in broad daylight. I’ll miss this last gulch of seediness.

    • Posted by ohmy

      Hey no problem, just come on down to western soma where we have an unending supply of said seediness.

  3. Posted by Kento

    Perfect project! I walk by this block everyday. I always look at the buildings and imagine what could be. Now if someone could do something on the corner parcel aka junkie camp. I literally hold my breath walking past that part.

  4. Posted by Wendall Majewski

    Who is the developer?

    Also, how many architectural categories are there for buildings?! Everything is a district these days, haha.

    • Posted by Torger Cobus

      Here’s one that was thrown at me a few years back: “Possible contributor to a potential historic district.”

  5. Posted by Stakes Is High

    Somehow these designs (which I genuinely hope go through at least a single round of revision via serious notes from planning) air on the side of looking like something that was built 100 years ago, stripped of all flourishes / embellishment in the 50s, stuccoed in the 90s and recently painted to hide all of the aforementioned.

    SF, can we please try a little harder.

    • Posted by Bobby Mucho

      I think that this is a perfect example as to why there needs to be stricter materials requirements for Market Street. Premium materials only—at least on the first few floors.

  6. Posted by Dave

    Pretty bleak looking design, but par for the SF course. Imagine when it gets VE’d down.

  7. Posted by Notcom

    Don’t worry CDG, I’ll stand up for you! I think it’s a brilliant Bauhaus-influenced piece of contemporary design, strongly reminiscent of German entries into the Chicago Tribune Competition…or something like that.

    But I’m curious, the text says “plans to ADD six stories”: does that mean the current building is being retained? How can it possibly accommodate that many more floors?

    • Posted by BTinSF

      Look at the rendering which clearly shows the retained brick facade of the existing building and the grey 6 floors above. How can they do that? Probably by gutting nearly all the existing structure EXCEPT the facade, putting in new foundations and a new structure for all 8 floors.

  8. Posted by Marten

    I wish the arched window would be replicated to cap the new building.

    • Posted by Friscan

      That arch makes me remember Salmagundi’s. I’d be delighted if anyone else remembers that place.

      • Posted by Skeeter

        I remember Salmagundi’s on Geary across from ACT and the Curran Theatre. Denzel Washington worked there. Was there another one?

        I don’t remember the arch. Barely remember the food. Cafeteria style, inexpensive. Not much like that anymore. Down the street was Elaine’s for the finer folk. Never made it in there.

  9. Posted by Jb10

    Given the narrow sidewalk on Grove St, the planned height is too high. Take a couple of storeys off on that side.

    • Posted by Spencer

      Or add 4 stories, which would make it nicer

    • Posted by BobN

      Because the back door of a hotel generates a lot of foot traffic?

  10. Posted by BTinSF

    As long as they don’t touch Gyro King.

  11. Posted by seriously

    Is this an SRO? Also- what are they planning for that black material? It looks rather shapeless.

  12. Posted by James

    What an ugly area and this design doe nothing to improve it.

  13. Posted by Cody

    Will there be ghosts on the site? That block was once part of the 3 block long Yerba Buena cemetery.

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