It’s probably not the pad you envisioned for a punk rocker, but the Noe Valley home at 665 29th Street, which is owned by Eric Melvin, the lead guitarist for NOFX, is on the market for $3.6 million.

Purchased as a 1,500-square-foot house for $750,000 in 2003, Melvin doubled the space, remodeled the rear studio, and added the all-new kitchen, lower-level family room, third bedroom and two-car garage below.

And yes, there are some rather rockin’ views, especially from the dining room and master suite’s deck.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Bob

    Get outta my way!
    Can’t you see I’m from LA
    My names Slash, I got a rose tattoo
    I bet I know way more people than youuuuuu!

  2. Posted by Orland

    Looks nice but very low walkability score. Far removed from anything Upper Noe Valley location on an extremely steep block.

    • Posted by Mark F.

      That’s what Uber is for. I love it.

  3. Posted by Oaklandlover

    “How did the cat get so fat?”

  4. Posted by Liza and Louise

    At the end of the steepest street, that’s where I will always be, if you need to find me, just go to the end of the steepest– street.

  5. Posted by Philthy Phil

    Is the kitchen floor linoleum?

  6. Posted by Lori Meyers

    Like new bathroom. Only used on those dreaded Wednesdays and Saturdays, also known as shower days.

  7. Posted by Johnny Appleseed

    I hope there’s lots of closet space because…

    I’ve got oversized shoes and ill-fitting clothes!!!

  8. Posted by Bing Deathsby

    Nice view! When you stick your head out the window you can see a thousand faces all too clear.

  9. Posted by Bogie

    Went to a party there once – Barry Zito was there

  10. Posted by Mutal Kudi

    Not the only punker in Noe – Jello Biafra lives a couple blocks away.

  11. Posted by abigrrrl

    derpy derp. [Paragon’s] inset google map is for 29th AVE

  12. Posted by Count Hepula

    think i left something in the bathtub

  13. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The asking price for 665 29th Street has just been reduced another $300K (9.1 percent) to $2.995 million and under $1,000 per square foot.

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