625 Hobart Street

Inspired by the Maison de Verre in Paris and designed by the late modernist architect John Thodos, the award-winning “House of Light” was constructed on a wooded Menlo Park lot in 2010, with a concrete and steel frame, walls and ceilings of structural glass, and an entrance that’s framed by glass blocks.

Finished in cedar, with Tasmanian oak flooring and African Afromosia wood cabinetry inside, the rather spectacular 5,000-square-foot home is flooded with natural light from all sides.

And having hit the market for the first time listed for $8.5 million in April, the asking price for The House of Light at 625 Hobart Street has just been reduced to $6.8 million following an interim reduction to $7.9 million last month.

8 thoughts on “Menlo Park House of Light Reduced $1.7 Million”
  1. This house is stunning. Very unique. Worth clicking into the realtor site to see the rest of the pics. I’m just curious how owner would keep clean the glass ceiling hallways with the frameless clerestories – I guess a ladder w/ a long squeegee? First world problems…

  2. Spectacular to my eyes, but I guess the market has spoken and it says “Give me cookie cutter”. Or is the price drop just one more indicator that we are post-peak.

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