Shoreline Park Plan 2016

With the first building of the massive Brooklyn Basin project – a 64-acre East Bay development which will yield up to 3,100 units of housing, 200,000 square feet of commercial/retail space and 30 acres of open space along Oakland’s waterfront – about to rise, the plans for the future Shoreline Park have been refined.

The major changes and areas which are reflected in the park schematic above:

1. Arrival Landscape:
• Expanded to be on both sides of 9th Avenue
• Increased Storm Water Treatment Area to handle wharf run off
• Increased total number of trees
• Re-aligned bike path to circulate across the bioswale instead of adjacent to it
• Re-located the fairy lights from the estuary waters into the bioswales

2. 9th Avenue Wharf:
• Expanded the total interior space of the Terminal from 4 bays to 5 bays

3. The Deck:
• Removed fairy lights from the Estuary
• Increased number of trees

4. The Cove:
• Removed terracing below surface of existing wharf
• Added hill with ADA access under trusses
• Added canopy suspended from truss to frame performance space
• Increased planting
• Expanded and relocated floating deck area
• Reconfigured near water trail to promote better low tide experience
• Removed fairy lights from Estuary
• Relocated existing piles to remain to be above MHHW

5. The Green (formerly known as “The Incline”)
• Removed the incline grade change to comply with 8th Avenue view corridor
• Increased level flexible lawn area
• Increased storm water treatment to handle Wharf Run-Off

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sierrajeff

    “Removed fairy lights from the Estuary”

    Will no one stand up for the fairy lights?

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      Is nothing sacred?!

  2. Posted by Harvey

    Who gets the design credit here?

    [Editor’s Note: EinwillerKuehl.]

  3. Posted by jwb

    Those Brotzeit Lokal guys. Forward thinkers.

  4. Posted by Sam Foster

    How big of a sea wall are they building?

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