255 Shipley Site

Plans to level the two-story Auto Trust Services building at 255 Shipley Street have been drafted. And as proposed, a modern four-story building designed by Natoma Architects will rise across the Western SoMa site with 24 condos and parking for six cars.

255 Shipley Massing

The development would stretch from Shipley to Clara Street, with a courtyard between, and overlook another modern infill project designed by the Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects team at 259 Clara which is nearly construction complete:

259 Clara Street Rendering

Plans for a nine-unit building to rise upon the undeveloped parcels adjacent to the 255 Shipley Street site are in the works as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dave

    The rendering makes the Clara Street side of the building look like its 6 stories as the Shipley side as rendered is 4 stories and is obviously the shorter side.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      As reported above, it’s four stories across the site. The height difference is an optical illusion as the Clara Street side of the project is wider by a third to the east.

  2. Posted by Jon Schwark

    This is laughably small considering the need we have for housing. Why do we continue to put our heads in the sand? Every 4-story building we put up now instead of a 10-story is 2 3-story victorians we will have to lose 30 years from now when all these soft sites are gone and we still have a massive housing shortage.

    • Posted by DM

      They’re able to be stick-built as opposed to steel and concrete. Money, it’s always the money.

  3. Posted by Dandywhatsoever

    Boy, that is one ugly building. It brings to mind late sixties or early seventies poor construction values. It ain’t gonna age well.

    • Posted by Tony

      What are you talking about? You can’t see “construction values” in an architectural rendering. The 60s and 70s did have some experimental deign with shoddy construction because they pushed the limits of what the materials were capable of at the time. There’s no reason to think that this design will be difficult to execute correctly in the 21st century…

  4. Posted by moto mayhem

    the western soma plan needs to be discarded and rewritten. it is a total piece of crap in terms of urban planning. Western SOMA is a core central area in the 2nd densest city in the US and we are restricting it to building suburban size height. nothing below 8-12 floors should be built in this area.

  5. Posted by Anon

    I am not in that area, but going on a google “drive” I notice that the lot is surrounded by narrow streets, and even 4-story buildings gives a very enclosed feeling

    • Posted by scott f

      That enclosed feeling is called being in a city. Some of us quite like it.

    • Posted by Alai

      Kinda like Paris, huh?

  6. Posted by Jason

    Sort of unrelated, but I just want to say that ATS is one of the best mechanics I’ve ever had. I hope he and his wife find a new home… seriously, good, honest people who do good work at a fair price.

    • Posted by Nicholas Reidy

      Me too! Andy and Shirley are the best. They already had to move about 2 years ago, I really hope they find another location in the city.

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