1431 Jefferson Street Site

As proposed and roughly rendered below, an 18-story Marriott hotel, with 276 rooms over 1,700 square feet of ground floor retail space and a parking garage for 95 cars, will rise up to 187-feet in height at 1431 Jefferson Street, stretching from 14th to 15th Streets, in downtown Oakland.

1431 Jefferson Street Rendering

While the parking lot portion of the project site at the corner of 15th and Jefferson was approved for the development of a 54-unit residential building back in 2008, the new proposal, which is being designed by Stanton Architecture, includes razing the adjacent one-story building at the corner of 14th and Jefferson as well.

And while the site is zoned for development up to 275 feet in height, the hotel project will require a condition use permit and an exception for the proposed amount of parking (which is 43 spaces fewer than required per the area plan).

14 thoughts on “Details for Proposed 18-Story Oakland Hotel Revealed”
  1. The hotel/convention center @ 11th/Broadway is , or course, also a Marriott, so I’m assuming either (1) this will be one of the other Marriott brands, and/or (2) they will give up management of the other facility.

  2. Marriott actually has two properties in downtown Oakland – City Center at 11th/Broadway and a Courtyard at 9th/Broadway. Fun to think of something else being done with the Marriott City Center ( maybe tear it down?) but probably unlikely.

  3. Given that Marriott has just invested in upgrading both of their properties in downtown, I doubt they’ll divest either. Looks like they’re doubling (tripling?) down on the Oakland market. While I wish it was a different brand, it’s good news overall. There’s a definite shortage of quality hotels in Oakland!

  4. Graphics Peon: Hmm, this rendering looking a little too cheery. Let’s see: Just turn up the contrast… turn down the brightness… aaand let’s try the graininess filter. Oooh, look, this “volcanic smoke blocks out the sun” filter is dope. Okay… flood fill the sky with… yes! pavement grey!
    Done! Mordor-core!

    [Editor’s Note: Blame us for the poor quality of the rendering, not the architects.]

      1. It’s from the Design Review PDF on the Oakland Planning website, which is a poor quality scan of the printed submission.

    1. I dunno, I went to the architects’ site; this project isn’t there but based on available evidence, not all the ugly here is SocketSite’s fault…

  5. Parking shouldn’t be an issue. Oakland just passed new parking regulations that effectively remove any parking requirements downtown. There is also, for the record, an enormous parking garage in the next block which currently has oodles of unused space, and it’s also hard to imagine why a downtown hotel would have parking demand of even 95 spaces.

    1. But I should note that much of the the parking could probably be well used by a rental car agency, and perhaps that is the thought.

    2. The proposal was submitted under the old parking rules — new rules go into effect in November. So, it may technically need a CUP, but it should be automatically granted.

  6. Good to know that the liquor store at 14th & Jefferson will be demolished to make room for this great addition to DTO.

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