25755 Carado Court

Newly built on a Los Altos Hills lot which was purchased for $1.73 million in 2012, the contemporary five-bedroom home at 25755 Carado Court measures nearly 7,600 square feet with an open floor plan, wide plank Oak floors, and walls of glass that open the home to the outdoors.

25755 Carado Court Living

The kitchen is outfitted with imported cabinetry and Miele appliances.

25755 Carado Court Kitchen

And the three-car garage on the lower level includes the expected charger for an electric car.

25755 Carado Court Rear

Listed for $11,988,000 in July, this afternoon the asking price was reduced by a million to $10,999,999.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Abe

    And the architect(s) is???

  2. Posted by tm

    11 million and no views?

  3. Posted by woolie

    I always wanted to live in an open floorplan office.

    • Posted by daved

      Is the presentation ready for Meyers-Benderbeck? Let’s go over the deck at least once before lunch.

  4. Posted by Metroliner

    Judging by the streetview, this looks terribly out of place. Lovely wooded sites that host some decent ranchers and then you have this stucco alien ship plopped in the middle of a barren site.

    • Posted by Footie

      Your taste level is showing.

  5. Posted by Serge

    As much as I dislike this style of architecture, it’s actually not terrible. It almost looks reminiscent of Wright’s Fallingwater (minus the water and stone). The stucco work makes me think of a brutalist or bauhaus building, though.

  6. Posted by soccermom

    I think the house is great.

    Dirt: $1.73mm
    7,600 * $500psf to build all in = $3.8mm
    $5.5mm basis

    Even if it sells for $9mm, it’s a money factory.
    Even if I’m wrong by $1mm on costs, still a money factory.

    Part of the economics have to be the 2012-present RE rally, and I think an equally interesting question is where the lot would sell today, without the house. Probably $3mm?

    Reminds me of the big modern spec build in Tiburon we saw recently.

  7. Posted by sethgreen

    from my office to my home that looks like an office i began to wonder why I was so bored.

  8. Posted by cleverpunhere

    I really like it.

  9. Posted by JayJay

    I dunno…this place looks like an office building.

  10. Posted by Nancy Domich

    I love the modern style and open floor plan. Architecture is pleasing to the eye.

  11. Posted by Rachel

    NO, prices are still quite high! it’s an ultra-modern house (most people in the area likes more traditional style..) and very close to Foothill expressway.

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