160 10th Street

With three years left on Smog Queen’s lease at under $4,000 per month, the 2,500-square-foot Western SoMa building at 160 10th Street is now on the market as an “owner/user or development site” for $1.495 million.

While the parcel is zoned for development up to 55 feet in height, keep in mind the existing building on the site has been identified as a potential historic resource for the Western SoMa Light Industrial and Residential Historic District.

And while Smog Queen doesn’t have any options to renew, she does have 20 days to match an acceptable offer for the building.

2 thoughts on “Smog Queen Building on the Market in SoMa”
  1. I dig that little building, though I guess I’d better get ready to say goodbye to it, as well as everything else that I once recognized in this town.

    1. No it’s not just you, I feel the same way.
      Too bad SS didn’t post a little more history on the building (HINT HINT) beyond just noting it was “a potential historical resource.” A quick search suggests it was built in 1924, but as those same results also say it’s a 2 bedroom Cape Cod, I’m reluctant to believe them

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