59 Issaquah Dock

Speaking of floating homes and Sausalito, the 1,838-square-foot houseboat docked at 59 Issaquah Dock, off Gate 6 Road in Waldo Point Harbor, is now on the market and aggressively priced at $2.82 million, which doesn’t include its berth which is rented for $1,200 per month.

But it does include two kitchens and some unexpected architecture, in more ways than one.

7 thoughts on “Big Bay Views for $2.8 Million in Sausalito, but sans Terra Firma”
  1. Ha I mean this has to be a joke or commentary by the seller on the state of the bay area right? Can literally nothing in the bay area be even remotely bohemian anymore

  2. UPDATE: The asking price for the houseboat berthed at 59 Issaquah Dock has just been reduced $140,000 (5 percent) and it’s now listed for $2.68 million while the listed square footage has been bumped up from 1,838 to 2,686 square feet so it’s now listed for (just) under $1,000 per square foot.

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