54-56 Cook Street

The sale of the deteriorating Laurel Height building at 54-56 Cook Street, which was the former San Francisco home and studio space of Howard Hack, the distinguished local artist who passed away last year, has closed escrow with a contract price of $1.455 million or roughly $638 per existing square foot.

Once again, the property has sat (mostly) vacant for over 15 years, with interior walls that were (re)moved by Hack and a “profound” amount of deferred maintenance.

We’ll let you know when the plans for the property emerge.

11 thoughts on “Hacked Up Laurel Heights Home Fetches $1.455 Million”
  1. Good. Time to take a dilapidated home in a good neighborhood and transform it to its highest and best use, as well as setting a good comp. for other similar homes.

  2. I realized that this property, and its surrounding blocks fall into “Laurel Heights,” but should they?

  3. What JOKE! Shame on the buyers, who are probably from another country, or google. And shame on the greedy realtors. This kind of insanity is destroying the city and the economy.

    1. Amazing that you have outrage directed at google but seem to think racism–your own racism–is a-okay. It isn’t.

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