Governor Jerry Brown has just sold the Japanese inspired Oakland Hills home at 7257 Skyline Boulevard which he purchased for $2.425 million in 2007 for $2.375 million having listed it for $2.595 million earlier this year.

Designed by Sallie Lang of Bliss Building, the three-bedroom, four-level home measures a little over 4,100 square feet and includes a lower spa level with sauna, wet bar and a great room that opens to an oversized deck by way of two roll-up glass doors, the use of which Sallie explained back in 2006 when the home was listed as new for $2.6 million.

Governor Brown, who will term out of office in 2019, moved into the newly renovated Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento at the end of last year and is planning to build a new home on family-owned land in Colusa County.

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  1. Posted by AnonArch

    I am a huge fan of Sallie Lang’s skill as a designer and builder. Could someone explain why this was so difficult to sell?

    • Posted by Jwb

      High price + middle of nowhere?

      • Posted by Sabbie

        Nothing says “Japanese inspired” like garage doors in your living room.

    • Posted by Ohlone Californio

      It took a long while to sell in 2006-200, and went for under asking. It was one of a kind and a high price for the Oakland hills then, and that’s the story with it now as well.

    • Posted by sockettome

      Could someone explain how Sallie Lang got a permit to build this place? It’s a four level home and therefore requires a licensed architect, which she is not. The maximum number of stories an unlicensed person can design is two stories and generally not on a hillside.

      • Posted by True

        Probably has a licensed architect working with her.

  2. Posted by SFrentier

    The garage door itself is one thing, but the typical metal hardware at ceiling level looks soooo lame in a home. Can’t they reconfigure better looking hardware?

    • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

      I was in a Gaudi house in Barcelona where the living room wall-of-windows could be raised to, in effect, turn the living room into a giant deck when joined with the outside deck. I loved it. This place has done the same. However, in the Gaudi house, the rails were hidden above the ceiling. They should have done the same here – far better aesthetic.

      • Posted by SFrentier

        So did the doors actually retract into the ceiling? That’s the only way I see that working, otherwise the HW must protrude below the ceiling to hold the doors.

        • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

          Yes – they retracted into the ceiling and were invisible when raised. Very cool.

  3. Posted by Ohmy

    I won’t worry about Jerry’s net worth….I would gladly retire on one third of this wealth.

  4. Posted by Freeloader

    Jerry never had much money, did he? But his wife is wealthy.

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