30 Belbrook Way

Designed by San Francisco-based Butler Armsden and built on a 1.4-acre Atherton parcel which had housed an older 3,700-square-foot home which was purchased for $4.2 million in 2013, the great room at the center of the new 9,700-square-foot home at 30 Belbrook Way features a vaulted ceiling and two walls of retractable glass doors which truly open up the home for indoor/outdoor living.

The master bedroom’s floor to ceiling windows overlook a grove of oaks, as do the master bathroom’s, with a curbless bathing area and modern freestanding tub.

The lower level rec room, which opens to the 50-foot pool, is finished with blue sintra limestone floors, rift-cut white oak doors and cabinets, a zinc bar and a glass enclosed wine room for up to 1,800 bottles.

30 Belbrook Way Rec Room

The detached one-bedroom guest house measures an additional 1,100 square feet. There are two two-car garages, each with a charging station. And 30 Belbrook Way is now back on the market for $21.98 million.

30 Belbrook Way Aerial

24 thoughts on “A High-End Atherton Pad for $21.98 Million”
    1. Yep and yep. I think its a beautiful house, but at that price I don’t want to have to pay to expand my pool.

        1. I’ll bet you could hang out nekkid all day where that pool is currently located and nobody would notice. This parcel is quite isolated.

          1. Hmmm. Oddly, if you look at the map on the realtor website and switch it to satellite and zoom in, two levels up, there’s a house, but if you zoom all the way it, it’s a construction site. The neighbor looks close enough that I’d be too shy (and considerate — it ain’t a pretty site) to visit the pool in the nude.

  1. I’m guessing that this is a spec home given the timeline. In other words this house has not yet been occupied. Three years seems about right to redevelop this parcel.

  2. The design and finish of this place puts the similarly priced spec homes on the market in San Francisco to shame.

  3. Not sure about the location/price west of Alameda, but at least it’s not another faux chateau. Sharon Heights is mixed, despite the proximity to Sand Hill.

    Good luck to the developers.

    The Swatt Miers house on Atherton Ave is shaping up nicely – looking forward to seeing that complete.

    1. Sharon Heights is only used to designate the Menlo Park portion West of the Alameda, carved out in the 60s from the Sharon estate.

      This section of Atherton is rather nameless/anonymous, technically called West of Alameda but you’ll see most agents and developers use “West Atherton” for some quick cachet, although the rural ambiance and copious hills offer a Central Woodside vibe on smaller lots (*only* an acre!).

      Not prime Atherton but hardly discount either, with some of Atherton’s largest parcels sprinkled into the mix (including the famous Proulx compound and a 10 acre parcel on Walsh).

        1. How I wish my last name was Gullixson, Nicholas, or LeMieux but alas it’s none of those.

          The big lots more or less in order:
          Circus Club
          West Atherton along Polhemus / West of Alameda
          West Atherton above Atherton Ave and East of Selby
          Lindenwood (tops out around $11M)
          Central portions along Fair Oaks with acres
          Central cul-de-sacs off Middlefield with acres (think Jennings, Lane, Surrey)

          Then all your substandard lots in no real particular order:
          Lloyden Park
          Holbrook/Palmer/San Benito
          The “Gate” Streets

    2. The house next door – a Joseph Esherick design from 1961 – sold for $17.5 million in March of 2016. Though less square footage, it’s on a magnificent five acre site. Makes this place look over priced in my opinion.

      1. But that house needed EVERYTHING inside. Unbelievable scale, drama, bones, grounds, but it would take a substantial amount of work to bring that to a state that would be acceptable to a modern buyer. Pink carpeted bathrooms, that type of stuff. Kitchen was not atrocious inside but definitely not brand new either, and a galley style that needed to be opened up (was way small for that buyer pool). So a complete remodel and some structural reconfiguration were needed.

        The comp the sellers are likely using was an off-market, extremely high quality, new construction sale on the 300 block of Walsh that sold quietly this year for $18,800,000. Everybody was fawning over that one too. That one was on a standard acre (just slightly above).

  4. This is the first place I’ve seen in a long while that makes me yearn for a house outside the city. No one needs an Olympic length pool and this is mostly where kids and family will hang out. This seems designed to be a gathering place for friends and family; and looks like it would be a great place to spend time. My only knock would be adding some more activities on the grounds like a sport court. Curious what this will sell for….?

      1. There are tradeoffs. If you want a family compound only entered and exited via motor vehicle then this place is fine. If you enjoy a casual stroll into town then the nearest civilization is a half hour walk to the Dutch Goose. The Goose is a fine place with an excellent deviled egg. But still just a basic pub in a little strip mall. Another half hour to reach downtown MP.

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