340-350 11th Street Site

Plans to raze the purple building at 340 11th Street, a former metal shop in the middle of San Francisco’s 11th Street Club Corridor, and construct a modern four-story building on its lot, have just been granted an exception from having to complete a lengthy environmental review.

As designed by Natoma Architects, the proposed building to rise upon the Western SoMa site, which includes the adjacent 350 11th Street parcel upon which a Crepes a Go-Go trailer has been parked, includes 4,350 square feet of ground floor retail space with three floors of open office space above.

350 11th Street Rendering

As no variances or exceptions are being sought, the proposed project, which shouldn’t take more than a year to construct, could break ground as soon as its building permits, which have been requested, are issued.

The owner of the building had originally proposed to develop a 20-unit residential building on the site, but those plans, which were first proffered back in 2005, were abandoned a few years ago.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by formerly%whatever

    Owner got too much crap for trying to build residential, he switched to office use. No “housing crisis” here.

    • Posted by donjuan

      Would have been a nightmare living there. There are 4-5 rowdy bars/clubs on that very block where the sidewalks are jammed with drunk people late almost every night.

      • Posted by Victoria Fierce

        Sure beats living on the street though.

        • Posted by two beers

          Right. New homes there would be very affordable for homeless people.

      • Posted by moto mayhem

        would be nice to get rid of those clubs

        • Posted by Patrick

          As a club goer, I say “no way”.

        • Posted by Sam Foster

          Dude/dudette, it’s a light industrial area with a long history of night clubs, not the place for residential or, frankly, office either.

        • Posted by BTinSF

          Where would you put them? Or do you think SF should be “night time entertainment free” because you are personally a stay-at-home couch potato?

          • Posted by K

            I live on this block. There were residential buildings here before the clubs EVER were. Bottom line: the city should have never zoned anything for mixed residential and late-night entertainment use.

        • Posted by Brian

          You’re kidding me??? Those clubs (including Butter next to this project) are awesome! smh.

    • Posted by Kraus

      Per the Planning Code, Housing is not allowed this stretch of 11th Street, due to its special status as a nightclub/music district.

      • Posted by SocketSite

        That wasn’t always the case. And in fact, the original proposal for housing on this site pre-dated, and likely helped spur, the change.

      • Posted by K

        There already IS housing on this stretch of 11th Street. I live on this block.

  2. Posted by that_dude

    Great looking building at least!

  3. Posted by Dave

    It goes without saying I guess, but is the square footage of office space just shy of 50K?

    • Posted by Scantron

      You would think so, but no. Only ~18k sf of office space. From the city planning website: The proposed 4-story, 55-foot tall, 24,685 square-foot building would include 5,500 square feet of commercial uses and 1,335 square feet of lobby space at the ground floor, and 17,850 square feet of office uses above. No off-street parking is proposed as part of the project.

  4. Posted by curmudgeon

    I’m really glad this is office (to counter the above). If there’s any block on which residential shouldn’t be’s this one. There needs to be somewhere in town for clubs, but who wants to live with loud kids at 2 in the morning outside their windows?

  5. Posted by cheyenne jones

    New building is ugly

    • Posted by Orland

      But what will it look like when completed?

  6. Posted by alberto rossi

    Mies lives.

  7. Posted by unlivable city

    Oh look, the building that burned is now before planning. Quell surprise!

  8. Posted by MO

    There should be a nice club on the bottom level.

  9. Posted by Daniel Kearney and Associates

    Built in the 1880’s, this building survived the 1906 earthquake. It was an old firehouse, then a towel company, then a laundry, then a collection agency, then a print shop. There’s an artesian well under the north stairs. Water flowed on the ground floor until we successfully capped it. Good luck to the new builders.

    • Posted by Notcom

      This map seems to offer another story or was the street renumbered and I’m looking at the wrong site?

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