1900 Mission Street

The proposed seven-story development to rise on the southwest corner of Mission and 15th Streets, replacing the two-story Performance Auto shop which currently occupies the 1900 Mission Street site, has just been granted an Eastern Neighborhoods Plan-based exemption from having to complete a lengthy environmental review.

1900 Mission Street Rendering

And as the development, which has been in the works since 2013 and now includes 12 condos over a corner retail/restaurant space and no off-street parking (except for 24 bikes) as newly proposed, is code compliant and isn’t seeking any variances, the issuance of a building permit, which has already been requested, will constitute the project’s approval.

That being said, a Discretionary Review (DR) could be requested and/or the issuance of a building permit could be appealed.

But if the project as designed by the Kevin Stephens Design Group proceeds, the three existing curb cuts on 15th Street would be removed, the sidewalk would be restored and new street trees planted, and a LEED Silver (or better) building would rise on Mission District site.

28 thoughts on “More Height and Condos on Mission Closer to Reality”
  1. I look forward to this one being built. That automotive shop is squat, dirty and we have been treated to two huge blank walls on the neighboring buildings for years.

  2. Who ever appeals this will have to answer to ME, and others in the hood who will also want (This and more) residential in place of this rather unattractive garage……

    Like the Mission/16th street project. I say YES * 1000. YES…!

      1. nope – not new. i bought in this ‘hood in 2001…! and I know Sue Hestor – Ick

        And I battled Chris Daly (And won) – and I personally stopped several bad ideas fro going forward (Like more car washes instead of housing…. Ad nauseum ……

  3. What happens to the adjacent buildings wndow’s in the white siding @ the Property line? Do they get boarded up due to Fire concerns or do they remain?

  4. I am have disco feeling when I see this building. Dance like good Moscow club.

    I am like how each apartment having same picture on wall.

    Mockba Mockba, Ooooh Ahhhhh

    1. Those are flat screen TVs, and everyone’s tuned in to watch HRC’s 2nd inaugural in January, 2021.

      1. I am having memory of Vladimir Putin laughing at American democracy.
        Same families in charge again and again! Poor Americans!

        1. Awesome. Just awesome.

          does W or his brother have some dissolute half wit son (or daughter!) that could be elected in 2025?

  5. The emphasis on bright streetlights is funny. “No worries here… lots of light at night sleep tight!”

  6. Parking for 24 bikes and no cars? LOL. Wait till the residents turn 24 and their GFs bug them to “buy a Subaru”….

  7. Where you going to park or get your car repaired in a few years as all gas stations and shops get replaced by housing

    1. If there’s that much demand then new stations will be built as a part of buildings. Have faith in the market, it’s not stupid to miss out on a chance to make money.

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