2600 Harrison Street Site

The waylaid plans to raze the shuttered Western Plywood warehouse at Harrison and 22nd Streets and construct a wedge-shaped, four-story building on the Mission District site are slated to be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission on July 14.

As proposed and in the works since 2014, the 2600 Harrison Street project now includes the development of 19 residential units; one small Production, Distribution & Repair (PDR) space; basement parking for 15 cars; and a roof deck for residents overlooking the old Southern Pacific Railroad Right of Way.

2600 Harrison Street Rendering

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    bright and cheery concept… lots of concrete to graffiti… and a great feel for street-side retail…

    • Posted by Brian M

      I had the same thought. Maybe we can rephrase it to “A canvass for our underprivileged youth to brighten with their witty scatological and violent gang wisdom”.

  2. Posted by Oh Dear


    • Posted by zig

      the new buildings around this part of Harrison are ugly so this will blend well

  3. Posted by an architect

    this design makes me rly excited for star wars: rouge one amiright?

    • Posted by gribble

      Is that a new Disney/Star Wars cosmetics line?

      • Posted by Elitist Pig

        You make that joke, but it ACTUALLY EXISTS.

  4. Posted by BigV

    I can live with most of it, except the concrete slab wall at the ground floor. gah! what a terrible street presence! It will be a taggers paradise! Something, anything, with some design and aesthetics for those walking by should be considered. how about some plantings and a hanging green wall?

  5. Posted by MDG399

    I agree with most of these comments – what’s with the dark motif and the graffiti wall in waiting?

  6. Posted by Backtotheburbs

    New money loves dark and stark, more game of thrones and nods to power …

  7. Posted by Eyeroll

    All aboard the gentrification train! Last stop Gentrification Station!

  8. Posted by Clark

    Yet another eyesore gentrifying the Mission. Low income units nonexistent as greed rules SF…

    • Posted by hola

      Except for the 100% affordable bldgs at 17th and folsom and 16th and Van Ness and 24th and Harrison and… etc, etc…

  9. Posted by Orland

    Interesting. I like it.

  10. Posted by cleverpunhere

    I like it too.

  11. Posted by pworules

    I live within a block of this site.

    What the article doesn’t point out is that the new building’s garage is on ground level (article incorrectly states a basement garage.) So the concrete walls hide (probably nice) cars. This block is not a retail corridor and having the lights and eyes of three floors of living space above will do a lot for this stretch of abandoned street.

    To all the comments about tagging, I don’t see that as a huge problem as the existing abandoned warehouse doesn’t attract graffiti. But, the existing abandoned warehouse does attract a shit-ton of trash a la “no one is here, I can put my old mattresses, TVs, clothes here and it isn’t my problemo no more”. Also homeless camps develop here from time to time; we all know that loveliness too well.

    IMO, it’s about time this parcel is built out. And a modern design – albeit dark to some eyes – will add to the aesthetics of the block.

    Build baby build.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      What the article doesn’t point out is that the new building’s garage is on ground level (article incorrectly states a basement garage.) So the concrete walls hide (probably nice) cars.

      Unless the plans have recently changed, the floor of the proposed garage, which is at the rear of the site, is actually a few feet below grade with pits for stacking cars.

      And right behind those concrete walls fronting Harrison is residential and PDR space, not the aforementioned garage.

    • Posted by hola


  12. Posted by hola


  13. Posted by Tamara

    Formidably UGLY unfriendly design indeed. Great idea about a green wall, if there is someone to take care of it, other than turn into another garbage catcher! And what about affordable units…are any designated for this project at all?

  14. Posted by I've lived around the corner for over 20 years

    For those of you lamenting the ‘ugly’ proposed design and how it will attract taggers: how about you guys open your eyes and take a look at the existing building that is there right now, notice how ‘pretty’ it is, and notice how it does not have _any_ windows at street level… and is devoid of any tags. (because if you have tags on your property the city is very quick to ask you (the building’s owner) to clean them up).

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