475 Minna Rendering

Approved for the development of a nine-story building, with 15 apartments and 88-feet in height, at the end of last year, the Western South of Market parking lot parcel at 475 Minna Street, between Fifth and Sixth, is now on the market for $3.2 million rather than preparing to break ground.

The site is actually zoned for development up to 120 feet in height, as is its neighboring parking lot parcel for which plans have yet to be drawn.

And the parcel next to that, upon which the two-story office building at 457 Minna currently sits, occupied by the Build Group, is zoned for development up to 160 feet in height, with the western boundary of the massive 5M site two doors down.

475 Minna Rendering

12 thoughts on “SoMa Rising Closer to Reality (or Not)”
    1. Oh nice, it’s the ritzy part of Soma – where the homeless use the plantings, instead of the sidewalk.

    1. Not really. It’s a fraction of the size and doesn’t look that similar, aside from being a tall boring building.

    1. Don’t make everything a big thing! Maybe the developer is a small operation and recently got the project approved, so why not sell now? It helps them avoid the brain damage from trying to do too much.

  1. UPDATE: The asking price for the Western SoMa parking lot parcel at 475 Minna has just been reduced by $200,000 (6 percent), now asking an even $3 million for the site and approved plans.

  2. Address: 457, 463, 469 and 475 Minna Street
    Sale Date: 02/03/2022
    Notice of Sale Amt: $10,086,212.77
    Firm Name: Default Resolution Network

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