341 Filbert View

Having been newly remodeled and renovated, including an all-new designer kitchen, bathrooms and interior design, the penthouse condo at 341 Filbert Street – which offers big Telegraph Hill, Bay Bridge, and skyline views – sold in three weeks for $5.5 million, the price at which it was listed, in May of 2015.

One year later, the 3,010 square foot unit returned to the market listed for $5.995 million, a sale at which would represent 9.1 percent appreciation for the property on an ‘apples-to-apples’ basis over the past 13 months.

And after three weeks on the market, the list price for 341 Filbert was just reduced to $5.495 million.

11 thoughts on “Stunning Telegraph Hill Penthouse Now Listed at a Loss”
  1. This is a nice unit. Have not looked at the actual listing, but there are 2 major issues:

    1) If you really have to use the spiral stair between primary floors (incl the roof deck) that is a turn off for a lot of people. at this price.

    2) its a small association, i assume, and again at this price a lot of people wont buy a neighbor-problem-potential in a small bldg.

    small buyer universe, know you only need one, but makes it lot tougher.

    The reno is unusallly well done though. views are 100%.

    1. Look at the linked listing. Spiral only connects upper living level to the roof. Four living levels are connected with switchback stair and elevator.

  2. The buyer for this property flew into SF, bought it same day, cash and didn’t care about the cost of it.

    Now they’re trying to back out and absorbing the losses. I will be surprised if it sells.

  3. I just installed a spiral staircase in one of my houses and it really opens up a lot of space and allows us to improve the overall flow of the house and make the addition much more functional. I wouldn’t want it used as a major thoroughfare and it’s probably not suitable for drunk, geriatric of mobility-impaired occupants. But for the purpose of having a compact, code-compliant staircase, it’s the optimal solution in terms of size (it occupies only a 60″ diameter circle).

    This is a beautiful property and far outside my price range. For the right buyer (or, dare I suggest, tenant?) it is a stunning piece of real estate.

    1. Did the same in our place to connect the bottom unit to the main house – only real option, and it worked out great. My 79-year-old mother has no problem with it when she visits.

      This place does have some truly awesome views.

  4. Wowza. Wish there were more rooms because with views like those, I’d be working from home, working out a home, and having a ton of houseguests.

  5. UPDATE: Despite a reduction to a price below which it sold a year ago, the listing for 341 Filbert Street has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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