The massive East Bay estate at 10 Winding Lane in Orinda, which is owned by the CEO of McKesson and has been on the market, but never officially listed, for nearly a year, has just been added to the MLS and is now official inventory with “1” day on the market at $22.5 million.

The four buildings on the gated 8.6-acre parcel now total over 23,000 square feet, including the 14,200-square-foot main home with a 2,100-square-foot master suite (and 855-square-foot closet); and a 5,600-square-foot sports center (with a gym, multiple sports courts, his and hers locker rooms, a “bocce center,” and indoor and outdoor kitchens, living rooms and spas) which was added in 2008.

And then there’s the 3,100-square-foot carriage house with a banquet hall over its five car garage.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by BobN

    Is the aerial photo old? The sports center looks like it has construction going on around it.

    [Editor’s Note: Yes. The current aerial is circa 2008 (when then sports center was under construction).]

  2. Posted by CalCulver

    It’s very Beverly Hills circa 1964.

  3. Posted by Notcom

    I think most people, even in the Bay Area, don’t realize just how big McKesson is.

    With almost $200B in revenue…evidence there’s a world beyond tech.

    [Editor’s Note: In related news…]

  4. Posted by jenofla

    Looks like the kind of compound that would put you on a list of top water wasters even if you planted relatively drought-friendly plants. Huge!

  5. Posted by BobN

    I would totally live in the sports building. In fact, you could also convert the banquet/garage into some pretty cool living space.

    Anyone wanna go thirdsies?

  6. Posted by EBGuy

    The tire swing photo screams Rosebud (or something to that effect…)

  7. Posted by VictorC

    Selling Price = 2 months of his 2015 Total Comp…

  8. Posted by R

    It’s another of these places where nobody could seem to pick a style so they just did them all. Such a lost opportunity on what could be an amazing property.

  9. Posted by sethgreen

    80s gone wrong.

  10. Posted by djoelt1

    Visited some friends with a massive compound like this (maybe 1/2 the size) and I felt bad reporting all the stuff that had broken every morning (we were staying in a 2 BR apartment over the garage). They had moved in about 6 months previously and all the systems that ran the house were just about stable. The compound would need a full time maintenance person to have any hope of keeping up. And they would be peppering you constantly about things.

  11. Posted by john parker willis

    money screaming . . . never a pretty sound

  12. Posted by Matt

    Man, that is one of the ugly house. Especially the inside. $22.5 MM and then you have to gut the entire house?

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