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Speaking of homes that have traded for over $10 million in San Francisco, the cooperative apartment #1601 at 1750 Taylor Street (a.k.a. The Royal Towers in Russian Hill) has just traded hands for $11.1 million, or roughly $3,350 per square foot. And that’s not even the eye-popping part.

As plugged-in readers might recall, the former three-bedroom unit was on the market as a pocket listing early last year for $10.5 million, having been purchased for $3.2 million at the end of 2010 and then taken down to the studs and reconfigured with a new two-bedroom floor plan.

And 1750 Taylor Street #1601 quietly sold to a new executive at McKesson for $9.1 million last March (2015), or $2,743 per remodeled square foot, fully furnished and financed with a $3 million loan.

Today’s $11.1 million sale included the furniture as well. The buyer is not in tech nor from overseas. And according to the seller’s agent, Monica Pauli, there was a competing offer as well (albeit likely for less).

21 thoughts on “A Royally Eye-Popping Sale at $3,350 per Square Foot”
  1. Can you just imagine waking up in the morning to that view? Breathtaking. Such a fortunate buyer. I’m happy for them.

  2. another great project with exceptional detail by Black Mountain Construction/Development creating great value

    1. So says Jeff Woods of Black Mountain Construction. The shilling here is unbelievable.

      [Editor’s Note: For the record, “shilling” would have required Jeff to post under a pseudonym (like “Fishchum”), not under his own name.]

      1. Hey, at least he used his own name, kinda of like referring to oneself in the third person.

        Looks like a great place to park my ill-gotten gains, if only the Panama Papers hadn’t exposed them before I had a chance to buy – drat.

      2. He should have disclosed his affiliation but, ignoring that for the moment: congratulations on the great work and amazing sale!

    2. @jeff woods, who was the architect on the project and could you give a rough estimate of the $/sf of the studs to finished project?

      1. If you follow the links above, which lead to our overview of the project last year, you’ll find the name of the architect, contractor and interior designer (along with the floor plan as well).

  3. So now just straight ads masquerading as unbiased editorial content on SS? I’m glad Fishchum pointed out what’s what. Sure, he’s using a pseudonym but isn’t plugging his own business.

    1. I’m glad Fishchum pointed it out too. I didn’t know that Mr. Woods was from Black Mountain and it certainly puts his comment congratulating Black Mountain in a different light. Still they do deserve credit for what seems to be excellent work!

      1. You can’t expect the comments to be so vetted. I could be a realtor, builder, lawyer, investor, landscaper or just an enthusiast. It makes it fun!

      2. I’m just as much against shilling and hype as the next anonymous internet commenter and yes, the optics would have been much better had he made his affiliation clear. But shilling to who exactly?

        Who’s in the market for 7-8 figure housing that is going to make a purchase decision off an internet comment and/or not have an agent who knows who Mr. Woods is?

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