240 Page Street

The Gethsemane Church of God in Christ at 240 Page Street is on the market for $3.2 million.

240 Page Street Sanctuary

While the 5,500-square-foot church is historically protected, the interior of the Hayes Valley building can be redesigned and reconfigured and it’s zoned for residential use(s) and redevelopment.

240 Page Street Organ

The Church of God purchased the building from the Church of the Living God for $600,000 in 1999.

And yes, the pipe organ and pews are included.

17 thoughts on “OMG! Another Church on the Market for $3.2M”
  1. Change the interior? There is nothing I like better than cranking our an hour of hymns on the pipe organ before dinner.

  2. I lived across the street from this church for seven years… Not sad to see it go. They were very, very loud late into the night.

    1. God, apparently, is hard of hearing. I lived next to a storefront church in The Mission for 2+ nightmarish years. The Db level was enough to make even (dis)believers out of even the most faithful.

      I used to ask the congregants to tone it down, they said they needed to be loud to communicate with god. I asked them, if god is everywhere and knows & hears everything….why cant you pray quietly? No answer was offered, just more 115 Db screaming, singing (If you could call it that) and shrieking. oh, and talking in tongues…

      1. We’ve lived across the back yard from one of those for almost 20 years. Why they need that much amplification in a tiny space is beyond me. Occasionally my partner will go to the fence and yell, “Shut your f***ing door!”

  3. Due to it’s protected status would one be able to put a garage in the front? Or does the whole facade have to remain?

  4. Such a sad display of the state of our society’s trajectory away from the spirit and towards wealth, real estate, and greed. And now they’re turning it into a residential development.

    1. Right – how sad it is, just tell that to every televangelist, charlatan and self serving religious huckster from Jesus to Mohammed to Joseph Smith to Joel Osteen (God wants you to be rich$$$!) to every bible thumping closeted self serving bigot since the dawn of time.

      But yes, you are right Sir (or Ma’am), what a sad day. not.

  5. Oh no, where will I go now for faith healing and speaking in tongues? Oh right, about a thousand other storefronts in SF.

  6. I’m thinking that it would make a great hamam. Some big, beautiful water feature. And keep the big organ. Who doesn’t like those?

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