2470 Broadway

Listed for $6.995 million last year, the sale of the five-bedroom Pacific Heights home at 2470 Broadway closed escrow with a contract price of $6.5 million three months ago. And today, the home suddenly returned to the market with a $7.488 million price tag.

Originally designed by Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom (yes, as in that Newsom clan) and built in 1902, the home was remodeled and expanded with a two-story solarium overlooking the Bay.

But all the aforementioned remodeling happened prior to the sale three months ago.

And according to the City’s permit tracking system, no permits for more recent work, nor large project applications, have been filed, much less approved, for the home.

15 thoughts on “Three Months Later and Seeking a Million More”
  1. Bizarre. A quick return to the market didn’t work well for 2610 Scott. A home on the 2800 block of Vallejo pulled this off, but I’m not sold here. The spec home at 2474 should be interesting. There’s a big “coming soon” sign out front. Wonder if that plays into the resale here.

  2. Owner is listed as MIGSIF and has various upscale homes for sale in the City (3323 Clay St, 101 Maple) Looks like an upscale flipper. Can’t say I fall for the “buy my dvd series” guys, but it looks like he’s put some serious money in many projects…

  3. You’d think for close to $even million the sidewalk would be intact…or maybe that’s why it’s NOT a full seven: a little Quikrete and re-list @ 7.1M.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of dark houses, but this is a pretty spectacularly beautiful home from the outside imho. The solarium in the previous pix (not here, or I don’t see them) is amazing looking.

  5. UPDATE: After 42 days on the market without a sale, the asking price for 2470 Broadway has just been cut by $489,000 (7 percent) and it’s now listed for $6,999,000.

  6. UPDATE: After 84 days on the market without a sale, the asking price for 2470 Broadway has just been increased by $489,000 (7 percent) and they’re back to asking $7.488 million with 101 Maple, referenced by readers above, now in contract.

    1. The related sale of 101 Maple Street, as referenced above, has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $9.998 million ($1,807 per square foot). Listed for $12 million in the fourth quarter of last year, the modernized 5,825-square-foot Presidio Heights home was relisted for $10.995 million two months ago.

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