3355 Geary Site

While the proposed redevelopment of the Mel’s Drive-In on Geary Boulevard had yet to be approved, the required Environmental Review for the project, which would have resulted in at least 23 condos and a new retail space being built upon the site, was well underway.

But last week, Mel’s was able to sign a new 20-year lease and the 3355 Geary Boulevard parcel, which is currently zoned for development up to 40 feet in height, not including any bonuses, will not be redeveloped, at least not for now.

In the words of one of Mel’s co-owners to the Examiner: “With the pro-development and the push to build housing in The City, to be able to pull this off is really amazing.”

8 thoughts on “Redevelopment of Mel’s Drive-In Abandoned”
  1. Hooray for preserving a one-story building surrounded by surface parking on a major transit corridor just 3 miles from the heart of the FiDi

  2. im for development on Geary, but ill give Mels a free pass as i have MANY great memories here. at least Lucky Penny is going away

  3. Awesome. So happy. Mel’s is definitely a landmark. And still doing fine.

    Not every visual cue to SF’s history needs to be razed in favor of identical Sim City midrise condos over retail.

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