13383 Campus Drive 2009

On the market as an unfinished spec home with 7,000 square feet of space in the Oakland Hills for $2.65 million in 2009, 13383 Campus Drive failed to sell and was subsequently foreclosed upon, trashed and sold for $800,000 in early 2014 in need of “some work.”

13383 Campus Drive 2013

Rebuilt and returned to the market last year listed for $3.5 million, with a 16-foot marble island in the kitchen, a 10-foot fireplace in the living room, 6 bedrooms and 7,200 square feet of space hidden behind its relatively modest façade, at one point one of San Francisco’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ agents arrived to save the day.

The asking price for 13383 Campus Drive was subsequently reduced to $2.995 million, the listing was withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale, and the Million Dollar agent was dumped.

And yesterday, the remodeled home quietly re-sold for $2.5 million or roughly $347 per square foot.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dixon Hill

    About 50% more expensive than the revised listing price for 10 Atlas Place with about 50% less class. Understated homes aren’t being built anymore.

  2. Posted by SFrentier

    You mean those Million Dollar Agents don’t always succeed? Those guys are the best! Bring Frederick or Luis – they’ll get it done. Wheee!

  3. Posted by MyOddCommentHandle

    the SF show could’ve been something but we have too much class to be on such a show.

    douche bags and LA-ites only.

    LA neglects to mention that all those successful 25 y/o agents are the rich kids helping their parents friends. I’d bet SF is the same thing. Born on 3rd base. Pffft.

  4. Posted by Sassy

    I’d blame it all on the black mulch spread around the grounds that emphasizes how low brow design and construction it is. You never want your property to be outshined by the mulch!

    • Posted by Some Guy

      I made exactly that remark when this listing was first mentioned on socketsite six months or a year ago. A dead giveaway for a quick flip.

  5. Posted by Flash

    In case anyone else didn’t know, I looked up “Million Dollar Listing” and it’s a franchise of reality TV shows following a small set of real estate agents in a local market. Here’s some details on the SF version.

  6. Posted by Kaleidoscope Dreamland

    Not a great neighborhood. No real services from the City. Oakland Hills never live up to the potential due to a horribly run city.

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