2953 25th Street Mural

On the market for $5 million last year, the asking price for the building behind the “Be the Change You Want To See In the World” mural at 2700 Bryant, along with the connected warehouse building at 2953 25th Street, has just been reduced to $4,795,000.

2953 25th Street Building

Divided into four units, three residential and one commercial, none of which are tenant occupied, the main residence stretches across the top floor of the 25th Street building, with an open floor plan and deck off the kitchen.

And while the residential unit behind the mural, which was painted as a Precita Eyes Community Workshop project in 2007, isn’t nearly as nice as the main unit, it’s perfectly livable.

7 thoughts on “Price Cut for Mission District Compound”
      1. Oh please, don’t tell me you actually believe that ridiculous myth that taggers will “respect” the work of the artist and not tag a mural? The absurdity of that idea is proved every day in SF.

  1. Back again? The price is far too high!
    Maybe $2M tops.
    Is it the owners or the listing agent comming up w/ this ridiculous amount?

  2. UPDATE: The list price for the Mission District compound at 2700 Bryant Street has just been reduced another $500,000 (10.4 percent), now asking $4.295 million.

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