2130 24th Street 2016

Listed as new for $979,000 in September 2006, at which point we gave the unit two thumbs up, 2130 24th Street #B sold for $965,000 soon thereafter.

Listed for $1.425 million in February 2015, the condo resold for $1.4 million that March.

And this morning, the three-bedroom unit, which measures around 1,535 square feet, returned to the market listed for $1,395,000 with its Carrara wrapped fireplace (the walls around which have since been repainted), marble counters and distinctive blue Scavolini cabinets in the kitchen.

7 thoughts on “One Year Later and Listed for $5K Less on Potrero Hill”
  1. Looks like it still has the original – or at least very old – Belgian Block pavement on the street out front…wonder if that adds to the value, or subtracts from it?

    1. These pavers came from several hilltop quarries owned by Gray Brothers. Douglass Park and Playground was likely the source for most of them used in the city. See name link for historic photos.

      1. Interesting, but the blocks are all granite, I believe….I didn’t think there were any granite outcroppings in SF.

  2. Intersting sofa. Adjustable without all the usual mechanical parts. Curious if anyone has any pointers to ID that sofa…

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