540 De Haro Site

Plans to raze the Moto Shop building at 540-552 De Haro Street, adjacent to the Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church and across the street from Anchor Brewing in Potrero Hill, are slated to be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission this afternoon.

And if approved, a modern four-plus-story building with seventeen (17) condos and sixteen (16) parking spaces will rise across the site, as plugged-in readers have known to expect.

540 De Haro Rendering

As designed Sternberg Benjamin Architects, the 40-foot-tall building would yield fifteen two-bedrooms and two one-bedrooms, with 6,500 square feet of open space provided in a combination of private terraces, balconies, and a common roof deck.

And based upon an affidavit from the project sponsor, all seventeen units will be offered at market rates with an in lieu of fee to satisfy San Francisco’s Inclusionary Housing Program paid into the City’s Affordable Housing Fund.

26 thoughts on “Condos Brewing across from Anchor Slated for Approval”
  1. Anchor is a very, very decent beer — but would you pay full price for a home across the street? The odor from the brewing is intense at such close range. It’ll be interesting to see what the market will tolerate.

    1. Spoken conversely – these better not be bought by thin-skinned NIMBYs who are going to start complaining about smells and noise from the brewery and wind up going all Sriracha on Anchor.

      If I had to choose, I’d take Anchor and no condos over no Anchor and 17 more cookie-cutter hipster habitats.

        1. Yes. I know its obsolete to think so, but keeping a few industrial zones safe from NIMBYs might make sense. Maybe

    2. It’s not only the odor, but also the constant parade of truck drivers roaring up the hill on De Haro and reversing (with beeping) into Anchor’s loading area, over and over again because apparently they don’t teach truckers how to reverse.

      1. Uhhhmmmm… Having to reverse into Anchors dock on a daily basis, I have just one thing to say to you jwb….come on down and give it a shot. I bet you’ll be crying for your Momma, in 10 seconds…that is if you can even reach the pedals.

      1. Predominantly malty but you can catch an ephemeral whiff of hops for a couple of minutes after they’re tossed into the boil.

        I’ve smelled the aromatic plume a mile away on occasion.

        1. When I smell it, two blocks to the west, I know the wind is blowing offshore and I should be surfing.

          I never have taken advantage of that moto shop…looks like I may not get to.

      1. no, but affordable housing for a few lottery winners makes SF less affordable for the other 99.9% of residents, and lack of off-street parking adds a lot of congestion onto the streets.

        1. To be clear: cars add congestion to the streets. More parking would not solve over-reliance on [private automobiles.

    1. YES!! finally, an appropriate number of OFF STREET parking spaces. This can only be a great benefit to the neighborhood.

      1. Thank you, although i had assumed so, that seemed unclear in what I had seen publicly written about their plans.

  2. RE: “They already look dated.” And what design would you propose? And what is your source of knowledge of what is “dated”? And please demonstrate to us your design will not become dated.

  3. As I noted at the time of the earlier SS item on this development, the quality of the rendering there left a lot to be desired in judging the architectural merit.

    To my eye, the artist’s illustration here looks much more attractive than the prior schematic rendering. I hope it’s an accurate representation.

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