630 Page Street

Purchased for $3.45 million five months ago when listed as “a Gump’s Collectors Edition catalog, a hacienda in San Miguel Allende, [and] a Victorian Style Book – all in one,” the renovated Lower Haight Victorian at 630 Page Street officially returned to the market four months later, listed on the last day of October at the price which was paid.

Once owned by the late artist, designer and collector, Rex May, who passed away in 1993, May’s collection of over 1,400 pieces of folk art was donated to the Mexican Museum back in 2001 and is now partially displayed in a replica of the home’s front parlor.

Last month, the asking price for the 3,000 square foot home was reduced to $3.299 million and its listing was updated to note a “One and only price reduction!”

And as of this morning, 630 Page Street remains on the market and available for $151,000 (4 percent) less than five months ago and with the listing agent’s integrity on the line.

8 thoughts on “Five Months Later and $151K Less for a Historic Lower Haight Home”
  1. I always wonder about stuff like this, why put it back on the market only 5 months later. Even a sale at the original price would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Was it a failed flip attempt, or did some life event happen?

  2. OK, there seems to be an interesting feature on that block: the lots look like they are 37 1/2 foot wide, but the frontage of a few houses (including this one) is the standard narrow 25 foot. This explained why there is a curb cut and they could use the space for a car space!

    Love the area. Very walkable. Plus you are a quick stroll away from Cafe du Soleil.

    1. What? The price reduction was a few months ago. The property has been taken off the market for the moment while seller decides whether to sell or rent it. For those not familiar with the story this was purchased in the summer but seller (a fairly well known Musician had some changes in tour schedules and just wasn’t going to be around for a few years.

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