The Elbo Room

While the Elbo Room’s lease expired last month, and the owners of the venue at 645 Valencia have been working on plans to demolish the building and construct nine condos on the site, with approvals for the project yet to be secured, and an environmental review still underway, the Elbo Room has just announced that its lease has been extended through the end of 2017.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Government Shrinkage

    Good news. Ideally they would recreate a space like it in the new structure and condos on top.

    With all the exceptions the city is coming up for low-income housing, they should have one for preserving local businesses, and allow a height exception if the building rebuilds a great bar and venue underneath. Make this six stories, with for the first two a bar and a music venue.

  2. Posted by Marten

    I still call bull on the owners building these condos to end up with one for themselves. Heard it too many times before, only to have the project end up on the open market as soon as it is finished.

  3. Posted by brooder

    It’s a commercial property and a business leasing it. If someone finds it so important to have the business there they should raise the money and buy the place, leasing to the Elbo room. I am sure the owners have price they cannot resist.

  4. Posted by Joy

    great news

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