22-24 Franklin Street Site

The old Jaguar with working headlights that long-adorned its façade is gone and plans to raze the former Franklin Auto Body Shop and construct an eight-story building, with 35 condos over 2,100 square feet of retail space across its parcel and parking lot at 22-24 Franklin Street, could be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission in two weeks time.

The Hayes Valley site had been on the market with a modern conceptual rendering:

24 Franklin Rendering

But the proposed design, which doesn’t include a replacement garage or parking, is a bit more pedestrian:

24 Franklin Proposal

And while formal plans to develop the adjacent half-acre parking lot at the corner of Franklin and Oak have yet to be submitted to Planning, the 98 Franklin Street site is also on the market and zoned for development up to 85-feet in height.

98 Franklin Street Site

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jwb

    LOLWUT on the original design. Looks like a stack of Office Depot mail drawers.

    • Posted by Cody

      jwb – hilarious! I could not state it better!

    • Posted by Serge

      Haha, nailed it!

    • Posted by Swiftamine

      Your comment just made my morning!

    • Posted by Brian M


      Still cooler than the stack of beige cardboard boxes conceptualized below though. 🙂

    • Posted by Orland

      I would like it: in Kobe, Oslo, Silverlake. Even Fishermans Wharf. Here. .. not so much.

  2. Posted by Oh Dear

    Certainly this site can take more density than 85 feet, particularly since there are 400 foot towers planned just down the block!

    • Posted by alberto rossi

      and a block from a subway station

    • Posted by Frisco

      Yes, but unlike those towers, it’s not on Market or Van Ness, so the zoning is more “neighborhood” scale.

      • Posted by alberto rossi

        You might have a point if this were Oak Street or Laguna, but Franklin is a one way arterial here.

    • Posted by Dave

      The complaint by some are the proposed towers at Van Ness/Market. Just blocks from low rise neighborhoods. Especially on the Mission side. An abrupt increase in height which is out of place here.

      • Posted by Oh Dear

        Exactly so, along the south side of Mission at Lafayette the building are 45 feet! and a half block down to Minna they are 40 feet!!

        • Posted by Orland

          Then, raze them and build to a more appropriate (taller) height.

  3. Posted by moto mayhem

    awesome design

  4. Posted by Futurist

    Great design.

  5. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    original design looks like a neil denari concept, the later version appears like a kwan henmi.

    either way, will need to pay into the transit bucket, since the Muni and BART is overstuffed. and we need a second bored transit platform on both inbound and outbound for all this housing.

    unless someone is ignoring transit conditions currently, including the congested bike lanes?

  6. Posted by Swiftamine

    Hard to read the labels; what is the reddish material? Is it masonry or something to tie into the existing adjacent building?

    [Editor’s Note: Stucco.]

  7. Posted by alberto rossi

    The city should have hired this “modern conceptual rendering” guy for their 30 Van Ness brochure.

  8. Posted by JB10

    Just how does this awful design interact with neighboring buildings? This is a continuing trend in SF – mediocre plans like this intended to be thrown up without a nod to how they fit into their surroundings. Plus what is the point of balconies on a busy street like Franklin. The city deserves better than this.

    • Posted by Brian M

      It’s square, has four walls, and windows. What more can you want? (LOL)

  9. Posted by David

    Damn, that’s bland. Yet another piece of crap building draining the vitality out of the city. At least the stack of in-boxes had some character!

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