Twin Peaks Auto Care Station

While San Francisco’s Budget and Legislative Analyst’s Office was recommending that the City actively explore “the highest and best use” for the city-owned gas station site at 598 Portola Drive, and consider rezoning the parcel for redevelopment, perhaps with a bit of housing in light of the city’s oft-touted housing crisis, San Francisco’s Supervisors have unanimously approved a new five-year lease for the Twin Peaks Station on the site with an option to extend for another five.

The Twin Peaks station is the only privately-operated gas station on City-owned property in San Francisco.

11 thoughts on “Ten More Years For Twin Peaks Gas Station”
  1. Who has the option to extend the lease? The city or the tenant?

    Could have been a teacher’s tower combined with a smattering of “native” Missionians (15 years of residency required.) Would have cast some shadows on nearby public space though.

    [Editor’s Note: The tenant.]

    1. Nice for the tenant. With the disappearance of more options in San Francisco, the scarcity value of being the commodity seller is bound to rise. My nearest station at 25th Ave and California (scheduled to disappear) is at $2.99 for cheap stuff vs. $2.33 in Vallejo. In 5-10 years? Probably a dollar spread for the Twin Peaks station at least. Also likely volume increases as more people “have” to buy gas here.

      Maybe our supervisors can stay a step ahead of this problem (since it’s city owned land and all) and set a price limit on gasoline.

    1. NIMBY _ funny. Most people would get all NIMBY about putting a gas station near their homes. It just getting hard to find a gas station in the City (even when we only have to fill up once every month or less). Let’s also not forget this neighborhood is also home to the Juvenal Detention Facility. I live in this hood and I know many people who are good with a housing development there, but we’d like to keep the local gas station. More a case of having your cake and eating it too.

      1. NIMBYs in SF generally care about having control. Eliminating any perceived sense of inconvenience definitely fits.

  2. Hope it stays there. Cars still exist in SF and will be here for the forseeable future. Really don’t want to have to drive to Daly City every time I need gas.

  3. When I lived in SF, I used to coordinate my gassing-up with my trips down the peninsula for whatever reason – SFO drop-off/pick-up, Home Depot/Lowes, Tanforan Shops, Stanford Shopping Center, Bridgepointe, etc. Worked for me.

  4. Haha, that’s the new way to eliminate cars from SF… remove all the gas stations or make it super inconvenient to fill up. JK. Unfortunately this is not prime property with so many cars at this intersection, and it’s prime location next to the juvenile detention facility. Also a bit hard to give up the open feeling of the area.

  5. Thank the Great Spirit they didn’t demolish this for housing or something useful. Cars Uber Alles! GET YOUR GIANTS KNOCKOFF MERCH HERE AT THE CITY OWNED GAS STATION. LOL!

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