Of the top 500 tax delinquents in California, former CitiApartments Managing Partner and cousin of the late Walter Lembi, David M. Raynal, is number six with $2.59 million owed, the top Bay Area tax delinquent according to the State’s Franchise Tax Board.

While any professional or occupational licenses held by delinquent taxpayers can be suspended until their tax bill is resolved, it would appear as though Raynal’s real estate license has already expired. The state could still suspend his driver license as a penalty, but of course he could always get a Lyft.

And while Halsey Minor, the co-founder of CNET, is no longer on the top 500 delinquents list which he topped in 2013, his now $18 million mansion is still listed for sale.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by nortonsempire

    Another SF landlord burdened by excessive regulations….

    • Posted by quietsnow

      oh, please. get off the soapbox already… His company uses illegal tactics to get people out of their apartments to raise the rent and this PERSONAL tax bill is just because he feels entitled to even more. The epitome of everything that’s wrong with this country. He’s probably a Republican too.

      • Posted by Medalist

        Well actually he was the sole voice of reason over there. Not that it was enough to change their destiny. To this day he still is one of the most talented, intelligent and inspiring persons I have ever known.

  2. Posted by Elitist Pig

    It’s personal income tax. Here, I’ll play the world’s smallest violin just for him…

  3. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    my tears are so large, it’s not a drought anymore….

    • Posted by Neighborhood Activist

      That’s brackish water, it doesn’t help. 😉

  4. Posted by Mark F.

    Maybe he feels he’s asserting his rights to control his property and keep the money he’s earned. Why exactly does the government have the “right” to take your money by force? Why isn’t that theft?

    • Posted by anon

      Because of the revenue act of 1913? Are we seriously still discussing whether income taxes are constitutional?

  5. Posted by Medalist

    This is undoubtedly capital gains taxes from reassessment of properties lost in forclosure. Bankruptcy would remedy unless of course you have some assets left you’re trying to hang onto…

  6. Posted by Jake

    On Wednesday, SF sued Raynal for “refusing to accept Section 8 vouchers as rental payment from prospective tenants.” From, today’s Chron: “San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has sued a real estate agent and property owner he described as “a serial violator of local and state housing regulations,” accusing them of illegally refusing to accept Section 8 vouchers.”

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