Bayview Police Station circa 1924

Built in 1915 to serve residents of Bayview and Potrero Hill, the original South East Police Station on Newcomb Avenue between Third and Newhall was shuttered in the 1990’s when the newly built Bayview Station opened at 201 Williams in 1997.

Behind the now vacant station on Newcomb, which is currently zoned for community use, the former garage has been partially converted into a three-unit residential building.  And both buildings on the double-lot are now on the market for $1.395 million as 1676-1678 Newcomb Avenue.

That’s Corporal Nolan in front of the station circa 1924 in the top photo above.

11 thoughts on “Bayview Police Station On The Market For $1.4M”
  1. From the listing:

    “Unit 3 Information
    # of Rooms: 2
    Sq. Ft.: 875
    Rents For: $3,000”

    Can that possibly be right?

  2. When the earthquake of 1906 devastated civic center this building served temporarily as City Hall. This unreinforced masonry building has the highest historic preservation rating might even be state or national register eligible. Planning and redevelopment might be tricky and will surely be costly.

    A friend of mine rented the whole place in the early 90s. The building in the back was an ossuary of junked police motorcycles, with rare bones of antique Harley Davidson frames and parts. He easily paid his rent by selling off the motorcycle parts to collectors and restorers.

  3. Street view across the street looks like a recent burnt out shell, and the church adjacent may want to buy this building temporarily, restore it for a pastor’s residence? or community center, and than rebuild the church into a new building?

  4. Look at the roofline treatment. interesting, one’s eyes are drawn to it. The arched windows are great (obviously even in the day everything did not to be a riff of the Bay window. The overhang at the entrance, yeah a bit clumsy but the architect was clearly doing something special. And a “government” building to whit.

    Not built to the lot lines helps!! One of my major pet peeves at least regarding larger SF projects.

    This is designated a community use structure so whomever buys it will likely not be able tochange that. If that is their intention.

    The church next door buying this makes sense. If of course they can afford it.

    1. the church next door is the seller.
      went to this open house. a beautiful white elephant.
      front building with so much potential but not housing unless you have the right lobbyists or lawyers.
      and the back is NOT VACANT w/ 3 tenants including a drug rehab program. the realtor mentioned that they were “sorting through the terms of the leases”.
      only for a buyer with deep pockets or a very high pain tolerance.

      1. The church next door is not the seller (also attended the open house); there is a church a few blocks away that is the seller.

  5. No temporary City Hall. After the earthquake and fire. City Hall function were distributed to various buildings in the Western Addition including including Franklin Hall on Franklin Street, Lowell HS on Gough, Temple Sherith isreal on California

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