King Mountain Estate Site

An assemblage of six Marin parcels stretching from Kentfield to Larkspur and encompassing 140 acres, the “King Mountain Estate” site has been listed for sale with an “undisclosed” address (it’s 128 Ridgecrest Road) and asking $39 million.  The price includes approved entitlements, but not the budget, to construct a private “legacy compound” totaling 35,000 square feet atop the site near Mount Tamalpais.

As envisioned by the seller and agent, the existing plans for the estate call for a massive 34,000-square-foot villa, or a modest 19,000-square-foot modern home with separate guest house and various other buildings, to rise upon the site.

Around 110 acres of the King Mountain site are designated as private open space, cannot be developed, and incorporate an existing public hiking trail which must remain as such, but the public’s access is technically restricted to the width of the existing path. The remaining “inner sanctum” of the site, upon which the development could occur, has been fenced.

With respect to the hot-topic of water, there are five wells on site, one of which has already been developed to support construction (and apparently there’s an agreement in place so that “public water can be delivered to the property at any time”).

UPDATE: Local Rock God Tied To Marin Mega-Property.

14 thoughts on “Plans For A 34,000-Square-Foot Villa In Marin”
    1. Too bad Willis Polk is not an option for designing this new “legacy compound” (which if built using today’s “style” will be dated faster than the iPhone 1).

  1. This would be a really amazing place to just build a regular sized house and have tons of space and privacy. 34k feet is just stupid.

  2. One side benefit that the brokers will receive here is that it will flush some fat cats out of the woodwork and that contact list will be very valuable for marketing other high ticket items. Much the same as other super expensive properties. So even if this property doesn’t sell as-is, the contact list will be golden.

    1. Didn’t Lars buy this property through a sealed bidding process shortly after the napster lawsuit was settled?

  3. I really wanted to triangulate a Weird Al version of a Metallica song for you guys, but I really can’t believe there that many readers who would appreciate the narrow Venn diagram intersection of 90’s metal and planning/building woes.

    Existentially, I wonder if one professionally channels youthful discontent into stadium shows of loud angst, is it the opposite of metal, or the height of metal to own a hilltop compound.

    This is the best I got for you on short notice:

    Know your codes, little one
    Don’t forget, my son
    To include every one

    Turn them in, Expedite Bin
    Anxious lobby din
    Till the Plan Man he comes

    Sleep with one eye open
    1650 Mission right
    Exit light
    Enter night
    Stamp my plans…..
    Now DBI approval Land

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