15781 Hidden Hill Road

The one-acre lot upon which a rather well-kept 3,900-square-foot ranch home sat at 15781 Hidden Hill Road sold for $2.45 million in 2012. And today, a modern 6,500-square-foot home now occupies upon the Los Gatos parcel.

15781 Hidden Hill Road Kitchen

Designed by architect Curt Cline, the two-level home includes an Italian kitchen, walls of sliding glass doors, and five bedrooms all on the main floor.

15781 Hidden Hill Road Bedroom

The lower level features a showcase wine cellar, home theater and three-car garage.

And the newly finished home has just hit the market listed for $8.95 million. Have we mentioned the $4.2 million Flintstone House which sits upon a two-acre Peninsula parcel a little to the north?

12 thoughts on “Modern Infill: A $9 Million Los Gatos Home”
  1. Nice attempt at humour, but it isn’t “infill” if the existing structure(s) is(are) demolished; OTOH, if they had erected a $100M “market rate” condo tower in place of the tennis court, or a 5 units of “affordable housing” in the pool area, THAT would have been infill.

    [Editor’s Note: While tongue-in-cheek above, infill actually applies to the redevelopment of ‘underutilized’ parcels with existing structures as well.]

  2. House is beautiful but I hope they recycled as much as they could of the old home. I’m on a mailing list for houses being demo’d around the Peninsula and it’s amazing the stuff they are tossing/selling: redwood siding, new window frames, marble, appliances, stained glass, etc because they’re going to build something bigger and better. It seems a bit wasteful, but if you have $8 mil to burn to represent your station in life, better to replace an old home than build on open space. Coming from someone whose car is 260K miles and going strong, I guess I just don’t have the guts to do that; people like me are stuck with bourgeois tastes, surrounded by dated, boring, but perfectly serviceable possessions.

  3. So much to love (big windows, clean lines, beautiful setting, great exterior flow).. yet so much to hate (that trendy kitchen that is already outdated, those cheap looking recessed lights, the 3.5 star hotel doors and handles).

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