San Francisco Residential Infill Map

While they might not be making any more land, according to the Pilot California Infill Parcel Locator (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Zillow, now does it?), there are at least 9550 potential residential infill parcels in San Francisco alone.  Parcels which “are located in areas that have already been urbanized, but the sites are either completely vacant or have structures assessed at extremely low valuations, relative to the land itself.”

And while not nearly as fun as finding out what your boss’s house is worth, there’s nothing quite like knowing your frenemie’s house is considered a prime candidate for infill.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Martha Bridegam

    How dare they? This computer program says some of our very favorite neighbors and their beautiful garden deserve to be kicked out and replaced with soulless condominiums.

  2. Posted by salvia

    Hang in there, word is that updated data is coming in the next few months (though when it’ll be put online is a different question). Problem is this is based on county’s Assessors Parcel data, which is notoriously bad (through no fault of the researchers).

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