1930 Straits View Drive

Built in 1968, the three-bedroom Mid-Century Modern home at 1930 Straits View Drive in Tiburon has never changed hands and remains in pristine period condition, including the décor.

There are big views from nearly every room.

1930 Straits View Drive Kitchen

And a workshop under the carport isn’t counted in the finished 2,036 square feet of space.

1930 Straits View Drive Workshop

Now on the market for the very first time and asking $2.995 million, while the listing for 1930 Straits View Drive touts “expansion potential,” please respect the design and leave the white paint behind.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by BobN

    Wow, someone took really, really careful care of that oven (or didn’t use it very much).

  2. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    “Original paint” may be good for the value of a vintage sports car, but the same is not true for an ocean-front property.

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      What, you don’t like lead?

  3. Posted by djt

    It will be torn down and replaced with a garbage gypboard box. No self respecting millionaire would live in 2036 square feet, when 6000 will do. Where’s the wine cellar? The home theater? The pot filler? The kitchen island? The infinity edge pool? The 1000 square foot master suite with 200 square feet of closets?

    This is a beautiful place and at least its beauty will be preserved in the listing photos.

    • Posted by Really?

      For 3 mill, you should be allowed to have a kitchen that dates more from this century than the last. Not everyone’s home needs to be a treatise on historical preservation.

  4. Posted by Some Guy

    Anyone who tears down a place like that needs to die in a fire. Metaphorically of course.

  5. Posted by byconti

    31 photos and not one picture of the three bathrooms?

    The kitchen is just fine the way it is, as long as those appliances work.

    I like the interior, but the exterior looks like a cheap motel.

    • Posted by soccermom

      Don Draper is crying in the bathroom, wondering why anyone was so fascinated with fake board and batten over plywood siding.

      • Posted by Fishchum

        Never stop, Soccermom. Never stop.

  6. Posted by Lori

    I would move in tomorrow. But I do worry about all that wood, specifically the decking. It doesn’t look like it was ever preserved from the sun. It would be great if someone would preserve the integrity of the interior. Although admittedly I would not be able to deal with the red tile countertop.

  7. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Well that’s the first time I’ve ever seen HDR applied to a real estate photo of a workshop.

    The workshop has the makings of a proper mancave. Just add TV and hand-me-down sofa. And a kegerator.

  8. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The sale of 1930 Straits View Drive has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $3.201 million.

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