1755 Alabama 2015 Facade

Purchased as new for $1,375,000 in January of 2011, the contemporary Bernal Heights home at 1755 Alabama Street, which roughly measures 2,100-square-feet, returned to the market in September of 2012 and sold for $1,605,000 that October.

Today, the three-bedroom home is back on the market and listed for $1,995,000 or roughly $949 per square foot.

The interior has been repainted, and the exterior has weathered a bit, but otherwise the sale(s) and measure(s) of appreciation for the Bernal Heights home will be apples-to-apples-to-apples.

If you think you know Bernal, now’s the time to tell.

14 thoughts on “From $1.4M In 2011 To $2M In Bernal Today”
  1. Mr. Trew loves to low-ball his listings. This will sell well over ask. Alabama is a busy street and you’d think that might have an impact on max price but that copper house on Ripley sold for $1300/sf and it’s on a step busy street with a loud bus line on it. But the views were sweet and the home was awesome. Including that ridiculous garage. Maybe this goes for $1200/sf? People are paying very high prices for lesser properties. The seller will do well.

    Oh and I kinda like the sink hole. Makes good use of the space I think. Nice private hot tub and outdoor area. Something looks wrong about that staircase though. And the kitchen is not my thing.

  2. There was an apples-to-apples sale a block away of an essentially new construction at 1687 Alabama that went from $884psf in 2012 to $1058psf in 2015, ~14% increase per year.

    Applying that annual psf increase to 1755 Alabama, the asking price is reasonable but I still think it is gonna to go for more. I predict $2.1M.

    As for Alabama Street, it is busy by Bernal standards but it is also a very wide street and the lots tend to be a little bigger than typical Bernal.

    1. That’s a good comp. And after looking at other comps I think you’re right. Somewhere in the $1,050 to $1,100/sf. That’s where most of the nice stuff has been trading. Some deals with views traded higher price/sf and then there was 459 Anderson at $1229/sf for some reason.

    2. I’ll take the over on that. $2.5m. The flip on Peralta that went for $1.75m blew my mind and makes me think Bernal is going through some sort of phase change. But just speculating.

  3. 2015 Bernal = Noe prices circa, what? 2005? (The recession kinda throws a monkey wrench into the Bernal/Noe PSF lag price indicator. I’ve always thought of bernal lagging Noe by 3-5 years price wise. Kinda meaningless but kinda macro way to track bernal vs Noe progress.

    Now wrt to the mission, the mission has changed positions due to gentrification. Like a platform uplift. Comparing the relative pricing per hood, think of it this way: if Noe is a 10, bernal has always been a 6. The mission was a 3 in the 2000’s. Now the mission is a 5, while relatively speaking Noe and bernal have stayed the same.

    What y’all think? Kinda makes sense, or am I blowing smoke up my own *ss

  4. I’ll say this goes for 2.1M also. Just go to Precita Park Cafe on the weekend. It’s clear where all the Noe wannabes are moving to.

    1. It certainly has weathered a bit. I would expect a place this new so stand up to the elements somewhat better than this place has.

  5. So… 1617 Treat just sold at $1,221/sf which was $400k over asking. Only a couple blocks away on a dead end street. It was a 2/1 and definitely not high quality finishes but looks to have a large yard. Maybe buyer expands. Not sure how the numbers work on that though.

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