1554 19th Avenue

Purchased for $765,000 in December of 2005, the 1,500 square-foot single-family home at 1554 19th Avenue was foreclosed upon last July and listed by the bank’s agent for $1,017,500 this past December.

Six price cuts later, the asking price was down to $699,000 in May.  And yesterday, the sale of 1554 19th Avenue closed escrow with a reported “over asking!” contract price of $720,000.

No word on the plans for the tenants who were “not cooperating” and “[did] not want to provide interior access at this time.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jenofla

    Good to see the house put out of its misery. Price seems reasonable (given this insane market), unless the tenants have trashed the place.

  2. Posted by alberto rossi

    Like most streets in the Avenues, that could have been an attractive neighborhood if all the yards hadn’t been paved over for parking.

  3. Posted by Amewsed

    Went for higher than I expected. Must have been a small bidding war at around $700K. Still high in my opinion but once it gets renovated, I still find it difficult to believe it could sell for much higher.

    There are several homes on 19th Avenue currently on the market for sale.

  4. Posted by SFrentier

    Living on 19th Ave must really be a drag. This house a block off would undoubtedly sell for more. As for jerk tenants, if there is no inlaw unit just get a good lawyer on it and they’ll be out. Inlaw included? Owner could be in for a rough ride.

  5. Posted by inclinejj

    Living on 19th Avenue in SF is like living next to a Freeway. Worse in some ways cause most freeways have sound walls.

  6. Posted by Amewsed

    If it is such a drag, all of the homes on 19th Avenue would be vacant but they are clearly not. People choose a lower price point in exchange for the undesirability. For every person who doesn’t want something, there are others who would happily take it.

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