160 Overlook Drive Yurt

For $3.375 million you can own a rather nice yurt on two-and-a-quarter acres of land in Bolinas.

Okay, so there’s also a rather nice three-bedroom “eco home” that’s solar powered, with a southwestern exposure overlooking 40 acres of natural open space, on the property at 160 Overlook Drive as well.

Not to mention a two-car garage and detached office.

And yes, the local agent’s name is Flower.

7 thoughts on “Yurt!”
      1. Don went on to create the infamous Coca-Cola commercial, and presumably many more iconic ads…sad to see Betty go…

        The meditation place he went was/is the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

        1. I would normally agree after last season (Part I???), but the Glen / Betty scene paired up the worst actors on the show and I couldn’t see her (and him) go fast enough.

  1. UPDATE: The list price for the yurt (and three-bedroom eco home) at 160 Overlook Drive has just been reduced $525,000 (15%), now asking $2,850,000.

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