Teds Sports Bar & Grill

The bar has been listed for sale on the down low, without any identifying name, exterior pictures or address, but if you’ve ever been inside you might recognize it as Ted’s Sports Bar & Grill.

And if you want to buy Ted’s, he’s asking $425,000.

The price includes the fixtures, some of the furnishings (such as the pool table and televisions, but not the memorabilia as far as we know), and the liquor license. But as with the listing for the iconic Sea Star Bar in Dogpatch, the sale of Ted’s doesn’t include the actual property at 312 Harriet, across from San Francisco’s Hall of Justice on Bryant. The sale does, however, come with a five-plus year lease at $4,000 per month.

10 thoughts on “[Your Name Here]’s Sports Bar & Grill?”
  1. What’s going on? Two bars up for sale already? Does it have to do with Starbucks’ intent to serve beer and wine after hours? Liquor license is worth about $250K.

    1. Huh? What do you mean by “already”? Bars get bought and sold all the time in this city. Looks like Socketsite is just reporting on it more than usual.

  2. This bar was so much better than a Mission dive. Due to it’s location, you might actually find police officers and bail-bondsmen here. And if you talked to Ted, he was more than happy to go off menu and cook something Korean. I’m not much of a bar person, but even I had fun here.

  3. Nah, the place to buy is the old Fremont House on 1st between Guy and Lansing. If someone ever re-opens that place as a neighborhood bar, all they’ll have to do is sit back and make money hand over fist.

      1. Really? Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that the place was big enough for something like that. In any event, there’s really nowhere close by to go for a drink if you live at The Metropolitan, One Rincon Hill, 45 Lansing…

  4. Isn’t this place AKA the place formerly known as the greatest name for a bar within sight of a police station, “The Inn Justice?”

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