260 Currey Lane Living

Constructed with steel beams and columns in 1954, with walls of windows and a full-length deck overlooking Sausalito and Richardson Bay, the Mid-Century Modern home at 260 Currey Lane has just hit the market listed for $2,999,000.

Originally designed by former SOM architect John Hoops, the interior of the home has since been renovated and now measures 2,580 square feet with a new lower level suite, but the home hasn’t lost its Mid-Century feel nor flair.

260 Currey Lane Floor Plan

Nor has the home lost its unassuming Mid-Century façade.

260 Currey Lane Facade

Or its views, as the Oak trees on the property have been sculpted over the past 40 years.

260 Currey Lane View

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by shza

    I love midcentury design and think this is beautiful. Despite its decent size and three bedrooms, however, it’s not really going to work for a family.

    To work for today’s lifestyle, you probably need to outfit that downstairs bedroom as a den/media room, if you want somewhere to watch a movie/sporting event with company (or while your spouse is sleeping). If you are a family, at that point you’re left with just two bedrooms and nowhere other than the kids’ bedroom and media room for any of the kids toys, games, other assorted junk.

    • Posted by EBGuy

      Give me a projector and wireless headphones. I can make this work for my family.

  2. Posted by sethgreen

    i don’t think framing this as a family house for kids is ideal anyway. lack of a yard or level ground limits that notion.

    • Posted by shza

      I agree. In which case, I wouldn’t have staged that downstairs room as a bedroom.

  3. Posted by Dixon Hill

    For 4x the price, I think I’d buy the G Penthouse!

    @sethgreen–lack of yard or level-ground isn’t a deal-killer for families in Marin. A lot of homes in Belvedere and Tiburon share that same feature and those are popular towns for families (due in large part to the Reed School District).

    The reason not too many families move to Sausalito is the not-great public schools.

    • Posted by Brian M

      Are the schools “not great” because the population served is not “pure” enough (i.e., marin city is in the district). Is this a real issue of quality, or merely a perception by some parents?

  4. Posted by BernalDweller

    It overlooks Richardson Bay. There is no such thing as “Sausalito Bay.”

    [Editor’s Note: Since updated to be more exact.]

  5. Posted by Joshua
  6. Posted by Mark F.

    Very nice.

  7. Posted by Amewsed

    Is there a vent hood over the gas stove top? I didn’t see it, Otherwise, very pretty and serene.

    • Posted by Emanon

      There’s probably a pop-up down draft vent built into the stove. While they are generally not as efficient as a hood, it’s a lot more aesthetically appealing for this house. A hood would ruin the sign lines of the room.

      • Posted by Amewsed

        Maybe but I still can’t see where the pop-up down draft vent would be. Everything seems flush.

        Can someone confirm or deny its existence?

        • Posted by wiger toods

          unless the downdraft is somehow integrated into the cooktop, I don’t see it either. Further, I’ve never seen downdraft integrated into the cooktop, but it certainly seems feasible. They usually pop-up from behind the cooktop.

          • Posted by spruce

            google gaggenau downdraft to see what is hidden in the cooktop.

  8. Posted by Michael

    Pricey for Sausalito but I love the design, materials and use of space. Bravo.

  9. Posted by Jlasf

    It looks like the master bath was enlarged at some point. I wonder when and who did it?

  10. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The sale of 360 Currey Lane has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $3,400,000.

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