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Approved for development in early 2013, the San Francisco Overlook Project was designed to include a total 34-units, a mix of 24 duplexes and 10 townhomes, on the western slope of Mount Sutro at the end of Crestmont Drive.

San Francisco Overlook Rendering

A dispute with the existing Mount Sutro Wood Owners Association, however, has kept the project from proceeding as approved, with the Association leveraging its “Architectural Guidelines” to block any progress and leading to a battle in San Francisco’s Superior Court.  But a settlement has been reached.

Under the settlement, the total number of units was reduced from 34 to 29, with five (5) of the previously approved duplexes reduced in height by a story and to be developed as single-family homes.

And with those “architectural” changes which will preserve the views of the existing owners uphill, the Owners Association has agreed to drop their objections and allow the Forest Knolls development designed by Levy Design Partners to proceed.

9 thoughts on “Settlement Reached To Allow Overlook Project To Proceed”
  1. Thank goodness the Mount Sutro Wood Owners Association is fighting the good fight for….wait, what? Their views?

    1. It sounds like the development is within — and therefore bound by the rules of — a legal home-owners’ association. I have no problem with them enforcing their rules. I’m not sure how a home-owners’ association comes to be on what I thought were regular city streets, but if it exists, the buyer/developer must have known.

    2. Probably fighting for some of the reasons they bought there in the first place – open space and a bit of serenity in the city.

      30 units next to no transit solves nothing.

      1. It’s only two and a half blocks to Parnassus. Bit of a slog uphill on the way home, but mere seconds to the MUNI stop on a skateboard in the morning…

        1. Sure it is. Bring hiking boots along with your skateboard. Try going for a stroll in Forest Hill sometime to see what a public transpiration paradise it is.

  2. When you provide NIMBYs with completely self-interested demands to have multiple veto points over real estate development, this is what you get. A city that only rich people can afford to live in.

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