247 Ney Dining Room

Rebuilt by architect Ian Murray in 2005, then sold for $565,000 in 2007, the setback cottage at 247 Ney Street features a double-height trussed ceiling in the dining room, with French doors opening to the garden, and a living room clad in reclaimed paneling.

247 Ney Living Room

A steel staircase leads to the second bedroom, with exposed wood ceilings, skylights and another set of French doors which open to the roof.

247 Ney Stairs

247 Ney Second Floor

And the one bathroom below is airy and refined.

247 Ney Bathroom

Measuring roughly 1,100-square-feet, with garage parking for one car on a 93-year, no-fee lease, the remodeled Excelsior District cottage at 247 Ney is now on the market and listed for $859,000.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by curmudgeon

    Beautiful. That staircase was SOOOO not done with a permit.

    • Posted by ElitistPig

      I pray it was an existing condition, but Lord… how do you move anything to that second bedroom? You need to hire a crane to bring things in through the balcony!

  2. Posted by 4th Gen SFer

    It is beautiful but that staircase was not done with a permit. And this is pretty troubling “garage parking for one car on a 93-year, no-fee lease” – huh? You don’t OWN your own garage? No.

    • Posted by Rusty865

      Read that lease carefully! Is it transferable when you sell the property? Can you rent it out?

  3. Posted by Rusty865

    That staircase is by far the most hazardous thing I have ever seen. This isn’t some technical code violation. It is downright irresponsible of whoever built it. Ditto for the roof with no railing. It makes me suspect the integrity of the other work on this place. Was it all done without permits?
    Gorgeous as the rest of it is, I would not want to live in that neighborhood.
    Odd that it is described as a “seaside” cottage. Is your idea of “seaside” a freeway?

    • Posted by Mark

      Seaside my foot. All marketing mumbo jumbo.

      Just like the development going up (slowly, I might add…with prices dropping) on Brotherhood Way that says it’s walking distance to the ocean. One damn long walk across Lake Merced and HW1.

      • Posted by TBK

        Just like the description of the kitchen on the realtor’s website … ‘stainless kitchen’. How about a stainless countertop and cheap plywood cabinet doors with crappy knobs. Sad thing is people just fork over the cash.

    • Posted by 4th Gen SFer

      “Listen to the traffic…it sounds like a river” ~~~Sam Shepard

      That must be what they mean, right? Completely agree with you Rusty about the railings and permits.

      Also how come no one understands a lot of this stuff with permits? Across from me is being sold. There’s a kitchen island with a Wolf six flame cooktop & no venthood. Is that even legal as well? I thought that even Wolf doesn’t allow you to own that without a ventilation system? How does this get done?

    • Posted by BobN

      I don’t think you can evaluate the work done based on the spiral stair. It’s obviously a statement, not evidence of shoddiness.

      • Posted by Rusty865

        I disagree. Anyone who would value appearance over safety to the point of creating such an extreme hazard can be reasonably suspected of cutting corners on the plumbing, electric, insulation, load bearing walls, roof, foundation, etc. This screams “reckless disregard” to me. Is the missing railing on the narrow roof deck also a statement?

        • Posted by BobN

          Anyone who would value appearance over safety…

          Might be an adult who doesn’t drink to excess (and isn’t scared of heights like I am). From an aesthetic POV I totally love it, but I could never live with it, cuz I’m a chicken.

          • Posted by TBK

            Sorry Bob … any architect worth their salt will solve a problem, not sidestep it. Take away safety & practical constraints and you’re taking the easy way out. These stairs are downright dangerous even when sober. Not to mention the ridiculous railing-free roof ‘deck’.

  4. Posted by ElitistPig

    The ‘balcony’ also isn’t to code, it’s just a door out to a roof. No railing at all, nothing bad could happen there.

  5. Posted by Michael

    Love it. Reinforces my first rule of buying a renovated home: buy the ones architects renovated for themselves.

    • Posted by Mark

      Correction: you should buy it prior to renovation and tailor the look to match your own personal style, working with an architect, if need be.

  6. Posted by Mark

    Garden view? More like a view of the window facing the small entry courtyard. Hope you’re not doing laundry when someone opens the fridge door. Appears the primary sink faucet in the kitchen is original (and not in a good way).

    Love the open dining room!

  7. Posted by Mark

    I wonder if the walls were insulated during renovation. The exposed rafters in the dining room and bedroom make me believe otherwise. How does this measure up to the “green” standards that so many San Franciscans love?

  8. Posted by jenofla

    This house is like a bad boy / psycho girl lover, seductive but so many red flags…

    • Posted by Amewsed

      Wait! That was a staircase? I thought it was a stripper pole for the geriatric crowd, in which case, is perfectly safe. Has no one here ever been to the second floor of a house in Amsterdam? Not only are the staircases unbelievably steep but probably more narrow.

      • Posted by SFrentier

        Yup, Europeans and many others (adults) wouldn’t think too much of that staircase, but fat/lazy/drunk (pick any) Americans…not so much. Besides, you have the wall all around you, just don’t fall forwards, like any other staircase.

        Personally I’m digging th chutzpah of the place!

  9. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    The staging and photography are top notch. The plants are so lovely. The paintings are tasteful too. $781 per sq for an Excelsior home anyone?

  10. Posted by youknowwhatImean?

    Do the plants come with it?

    • Posted by BobN

      You start with your own new ones and when they reach the ceiling, you sell. Tradition.

  11. Posted by minka

    This is an odd property because it looks like it is the back house on a lot. There is a front building with two garage doors. The lot is 2750 sq feet. I think the leased parking must be in the front building. The lot is subdivided it seems. The house is listed on redfin as 247 1/2.

  12. Posted by Really?

    “Nearby restaurants include…Taco Bell and KFC,” I don’t see this as a positive. Is there anything about this property that conforms? Yes, there are cities elsewhere that have small homes with narrow staircases. Is this really an asset? The majority of these types of homes were built before the US was an independent country. Newer homes in developed countries are built substantially to similar codes here. That staircase is a disaster waiting to happen and the roof “deck” is really just a roof with an interior door. We owned a property with a similar “feature” and it felt like sitting on top of a diner griddle. The lack of a railing is even more problematic than that silly staircase “feature”. How did they ever get the bed up there? They routinely use cranes to move furnishings like this in small houses in Europe, or they are brought up in pieces. All in all, this ridiculous property is a disgrace to functionality and a major lawsuit short of a real house.

  13. Posted by Sam

    Hard pass on this one

  14. Posted by Roberto

    regarding getting something up that staircase: there is a newer home in Noe Valley with a traditional looking staircase. The initial turn going up to the Master Bedroom is too sharp and the owners are/were not able to move their bed mattress and box spring up. The movers had to hoist them via ropes up to the balcony and carry them in through the french doors. This is a new construction 3.8 million dollar abode!

  15. Posted by Matthew

    Sold for 20% over asking.

    • Posted by Rusty865

      It’s in contract, but has not closed yet.

  16. Posted by Rusty865

    Apparently, there were two complaints to DBI after the posting here, but per DBI it’s OK to have a door open onto a deck with no railing, as long as you call it a roof and not a deck.

  17. Posted by Rusty865

    And a followup complaint regarding the stairs, which is still open. Wonder if the buyer knows about this.

  18. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The sale of the cottage at 247 1/2 Ney has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $991,800.

  19. Posted by realtor

    Pretty high on the cool and unique scale and great indoor/outdoor living. Comments on others suggestions: Very adult house. Second bedroom is a den/office. Bet the buyer also does not have kids. Let a reasonable adult make decisions for themselves about the roof (not deck) and the spiral stairs. Insulation – not in the opened roofing situation. Also I don’t see any central heat vents. The gas fireplace in the “lounge” is one of those combo fireplace/furnace you see in lots of lofts, and could very well be no crawl space or attic space anywhere to put a central heater and run ducts. I bet it can get cold there. Also, bath right off the kitchen. One of my least preferences in homes. Location is actually pretty decent. Quite, convenient, safe, nice outlooks, and still 6 figures for a SF SFR.

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