415 De Haro

If approved by Planning this week, Philiz Coffee will soon start brewing in Potrero Hill with a new location on 17th Street between De Haro and Carolina.

The 1,500-square-foot shop would occupy one of the two empty storefronts along 17th Street at the base of the 21-unit “Onyx” (415 De Haro).  Umpqua Bank is planning to occupy the other empty space.

415 De Haro Philz

And despite being “formula retail,” San Francisco’s Planning Department is recommending that the Planning Commission approve the application for Philz.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sam

    I guess we haven’t reached peak Philz yet

    • Posted by Zig

      They just opened one in San Mateo where I live packed from day 1

  2. Posted by Bob

    Damn all of these banks taking up store fronts in new buildings.

  3. Posted by San Francisco

    Philz is the new Starbucks

    • Posted by moto mayhem

      Philz regular coffee is a solid B and Startbucks a C+ IMHO. However, I would personally choose Starbucks over Philz because they have espresso. I find Americano’s from starbucks to be superior to Philz regular coffee.

      In the end, i don’t really visit either, although drink Starbucks some time on business trips. I prefer Lilly where I can find it, or even Peet’s is better than both Starbucks and PHilz . I really like a brand called REdBird. I generally take a french press and a little coffee with me even on business trips.

      • Posted by Zig

        Philz may be a B but Starbucks drip is a D if that. It is roasted in some distant location and distributed and tastes burnt

        • Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

          Starbucks Reserve coffees, however, are better than the Philz premium selections (can’t remember what they call them). The beans from Philz are superior – “Greater Alarm” has been my go-to for years.
          Personally I’m hoping for a nice space to hang out and work. Starbucks on Kansas lacks atmosphere. Either way, this is a welcome addition.

    • Posted by Anon

      How so?

  4. Posted by Schlub

    I still remember when his store was yet another corner store in the Mission. His was better because it had bulk bins. And then one day I went in there and he offered me his new thing, a freshly brewed cup of Turkish coffee with heavy sweet cream and mint leaves, for free. Within the year he had a whole new business and the rest is history. Phil is an impressive entrepreneur and deserves everything he gets. And his coffee blows Starbucks out of the water, not even comparable.

    • Posted by Zig

      It’s nice too that he handed a lot of the operations over to his son who went to SF State and smoothed out some of the rough edges of the more eccentric aspects of the business model (like having a different price for everything)

      Nice to see some locals winning IMO

  5. Posted by oscar

    this is so awesome! i hope the other openings get filled with other places like this! good move for the hill!

  6. Posted by Rob

    P-Hill + Philz = the birth of “downtown Potrero”

    • Posted by Booster

      That’s 18th Street; this is uptown Potrero.

      • Posted by Kevin

        We refer to it as Baja Potrero.

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