115 Telegraph Blvd Rendering

The Telegraph Hill Dwellers’ fight to block the approved development of three modern townhomes to rise on Telegraph Hill Boulevard, a development at least one neighbor derisively characterized as housing for “high tech mogul(s) or a second home for a foreign oligarch,” isn’t over.

115 Telegraph Blvd Rendering Rear

While the first of two appeals challenging the 115 Telegraph Hill Boulevard project was slated to be settled by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors this week, the public hearing has been continued for another two weeks which could allow for the two appeals – one based on the Planning Commission’s approval for the project and another based on the development’s potential environmental impact – to be heard together.

From the developer’s attorneys:

“In the face of direct evidence to the contrary, Appellants doggedly insist that the Project’s size, setting (and economic status of future residents) are somehow incompatible with City policies and the Planning Code. For good measure, they also include a smattering of wholly unsupported and inaccurate allegations of potential Project impacts to pedestrian safety, traffic, public transit, and views, alluding to near catastrophic effects on City tourism. Given the doomsday conditions advanced by Appellants, one wonders what form of development they would find appropriate for the site.”

No word on whether or not the Dwellers have drafted any plans of their own.

21 thoughts on “Fight over Telegraph Hill Homes for Tech Moguls Isn’t Over”
  1. This is a generational shift more than a tech/non-tech one – the only hope for Millenials to ever own in SF is dependent on this sort of infill development; if things continue apace only the Baby Boom Bourgeois will ever own in such a lovely part of the city.

  2. again, they should propose section 8 housing projects instead with 100+ units. see what peskin the savior thinks of that

    1. If I had a heck of a lot more money than I do, I’d gladly buy the lot and donate it to the City for public housing.

  3. “…one wonders what form of development they would find appropriate for the site”

    I’ll tell you exactly what that would be – a park built with public funds but without any noise, parking impact or traffic issues, but with private access only granted to eligible residents, with eligibility being 100% determined by the hill dwellers association.

    In other words, nothing that is realistic.

    1. It’s quite a leap of logic from building a few houses on Telegraph to aiding and abetting Putin. It’s not like the Russians taking Crimea. These will be snapped up by local tech titans. No imported oligarchs required.

  4. Why do people demand such huge houses these days? If you live in San Francisco, isn’t the City your living room?

    1. Who cares? The development is both legal and perfectly compatible with what exists there. There single-family homes in San Francisco that are over four times the size of these planned homes–why isn’t anyone telling the folks in Pacific Heights to downsize? The Telegraph Hill Dwellers are just a bunch of old rich white snobs who don’t want neighbors period, they don’t really care about the specific proposal.

  5. Rich people have always had large houses, in town and in country. These houses are not especially large in the history of people who can spend the equivalent amount of money.
    Have you heard of Blenheim?
    Or Houghton Hall? There is a great exhibition at the Legion right now.

  6. Very true. I don’t remember the origin, but someone said “they want to make a pile so they can live in one”

  7. Aaron Peskin [was] born in Berkeley not SF.

    In 2004, Peskin and his wife Nancy Shanahan may have been the benefit of a “sweetheart deal” in which they received a valuable property on Telegraph Hill at a discount price. In 2002, at a loss of $700,000 from the previous $1.5 million purchase price, the property in question was sold for $800,000 to a trust controlled by Harvey and Tsipora Peskin, Peskin’s parents, who then, in 2004, conveyed nearly 70 percent of the ownership of the property to Peskin and his wife. The Peskins then converted the two-unit building to a single unit without first obtaining city approval

  8. Spencer, what world do you live in ? Peskin could care less about anyone but himself and his rich neighbors. You think he’s fighting for the little guy ? Guess again. This guy is a complete pompous jerk with a big ego and a small brain. I’m rooting for the Tech guy because he’s earned his money running a coming that employs people and brings tax revenue to SF. Peskin should move back to his home town of Berkeley where they have no tech and only pathetic liberals (like Peskin) making bad decisions. Socketsite will edit this because they don’t have the nards to print the truth.

  9. Jim, i was clearly joking. my point is that he DIDNT work hard for his place. it was handed to him, yet he wants to keep people away who did fight hard. agree with everything you said

  10. Peskin certainly did work hard to get his place in your head(s) and it looks like he may have taken up permanent residence there. Rent free, but not rant free.

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