1022 Powell Street

Purchased for $1,625,000 in 2006, returned to the market in 2009 listed for $1,395,000, and then foreclosed upon and taken back by the bank in 2011, the Nob Hill penthouse atop the ivy-covered building at 1022 Powell Street, unit #3, re-sold on the open market for $1,189,000 in early 2012.

1022 Powell Street #3 in 2014

Since remodeled with a modern new kitchen, bathrooms and the railing for the loft stairs above, 1022 Powell Street #3 returned to the market four weeks ago listed for $1,595,000, a price which has since been reduced to $1,525,000.

1022 Powell Street #3 Loft in 2014

Call it one hundred thousand less than eight years ago for the Nob Hill penthouse, or three hundred thousand more than three.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Cute building. Odd layout, though, and horrible staging, and not the best finishes (the FiDi-facing windows on the lower level seem entry-level / industrial, and the main space is a little too barren / cavernous). Can’t believe no floorplan on the realtor website; after scrolling through all the (often fish-eyed or stretched) images, I still can’t piece it together.

  2. Posted by AJ

    I looked at the pictures to try to understand the plan. 2 doors on the street side go to each bedroom (one near the stairs, the other on the other side of the same wall). Stairs go up near kitchen as entry. Door to the left of the stairs leading in goes to Master, right to the kitchen.

  3. Posted by soccermom

    This reminds me of: “Shave the beard, Kirk!

  4. Posted by NJ

    I like the ivy, actually, but then I expect it to be all olde fashioned and cozy inside.

  5. Posted by rich

    Yikes. I cannot stop thinking about how many rats must be living in that ivy.

  6. Posted by Oceangoer

    I’m with you …. equate ivy with rats. We are still dealing with them even though ivy has been cut right back. Pesky varmints.

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