724 Brazil Avenue - Engine Company 43

Used as the setting for Mia’s house in the Princess Diaries, as opposed to her high school, the Engine Company 43 firehouse was built at 724 Brazil Avenue in 1911, with over 4,500 square feet of building space on a double lot.

Designed for horse-drawn carriages, the lower level of the firehouse boasts 18 foot ceilings and a mezzanine-loft kitchen which was originally the hayloft, while the upper floor features 11-foot ceilings, a 1,000 square foot “great room,” and sweeping views of the Excelsior.

Most recently used as a two-unit rental building, the property has been priced at $2.6 million with plans to deliver it vacant (and with two brass fire poles).  And while touting “a fantastic opportunity for units, live-work space, or your favorite tech start-up,” do keep in mind the parcel is zoned for residential use.

11 thoughts on “Looking For A Storied San Francisco Firehouse?”
  1. Designed for horse-drawn carriages, the lower level of the firehouse boasts 18 foot ceilings

    Carriages pulled by giraffes, no doubt.

    [Editor’s Note: Of course if you included the second half of the sentence you quote (“…and a mezzanine-loft kitchen which was originally the hayloft”), it might make a bit more sense.]

    1. That makes total sense! Whereas with horses, one could have a full-floor hay loft and just toss hay down a trap door, with giraffes, it’s far more efficient to have a mezzanine and just let them have at the buffet anytime they want.

  2. Lots of potential (key word) and I like old firehouses…but does seem expensive for the neighborhood in its current condition, even with the undeveloped lot.

    1. My nagging thought with regard to the Excelsior: itself and its surrounding neighborhoods are not extremely appealing to traverse by foot. This, to me, seems to take away the allure of living in the City (entertainment) for the moneyed set who could help to “gentrify” Excelsior.

    2. I’ve always loved the look of this place! Excelsior has close proximity to GP Bart, about ten minutes from me, and regular buses to the Mission. My commute South is easy. 2.6 mil is a lot, tho, guess I’ll stay renting for now 🙁

  3. We’ve lived in the Excelsior — four blocks from this property — for 22 years. In our experience, the Excelsior is completely safe for walking — my wife and I do it all the time, both together and individually. But I do agree that $2.6M is overpriced for the Excelsior, even though this property has two lots. Each lot is worth about $400-600K, totaling $800K – $1.2M. Add the firehouse and its historical value, and you get something more like $1.6-1.8M, not $2.6M. If this were in Glen Park, or Noe Valley, or within a few blocks of BART, perhaps the higher price would be reasonable, but for the Excelsior it isn’t reasonable.

  4. Does anyone know whom to contact to arrange to look at this property? I don’t see contact info anywhere on this page.

    [Editor’s Note: Try clicking on the “priced at $2.6 million” link above.]

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